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Enroll in Plush Class


So, have you ever wanted to bring those characters you have rattling around your noggin to life?  Jenny Harada wants to help you create
a loveable plush creature to give as a gift or keep for yourself. At the Plush Class, you'll learn
lots of tips on working with faux fur and making plushie creatures. If
you've always wanted to work with plush but were too intimidated, you
will now see how easy it can be! Students will take home printed
instructions and patterns to jump start plush making at home.  There are only 8 spaces available in total so sign up quickly.

Class fee is $35 + $15 materials fee.

Date: Saturday, March 1, 2008
Time: 1pm -5pm

Etsy Labs
325 Gold Street 6th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Everything is Coming up Domo


Dark Horse has picked up the license for the popular Japanese NHK mascot Domo.  In addition to notebooks and magnets, Dark Horse will be releasing a line of 8.5" flocked Domo vinyl figures.  Not only will the figure be released in the traditional Domo-brown, but there will also be variant figures in pink, white, and blue.  This is the first time Domo will be seen in a color other than brown, and Dark Horse will present these flocked vinyl figures in very limited runs.  And look for them to retail around $39.99 each.

Classic Brown - Limited Edition
Royal Blue - Limited to 500
Fabulous Fuchsia - Limited to 500
Polar White - Limited to 250

REVIEW: Dookie-Poo, Dookie-Bloo and Chorocco Tofu



You probably have seen the new Dookie-Poo plush line designed by artist Manny Galán.  Produced by ESC-Toy and under license by Chaotic Unicorn, the line revolves around Dookie-Poo – a burrowing Elf-Chidna.  The first three characters produced in plush form are Dookie-Poo, Dookie-Bloo (Dookie changes colors) and Chorocco Tofu.

Dookie-Poo is not the smartest of all the Poos in Pooville but he tries real hard and he has good intentions. Dookie never quits because he's just too dumb to do so. He tries way beyond the point of all reasoning. Dookie doesn't think much about anything. In fact he almost never thinks at all.


Chorocco Tofu is Dookie's best friend in all the world. Even though she lives in Pooville, Tofu isn't really a Poo. She was once a pink pearl eraser who absorbed all the knowledge she ever erased. She's a hyper active genius who is constantly inventing things. Unlike Dookie-Poo, Chorocco Tofu thinks way too much about everything.



As with most plushies, the Dookie-Poo line will either come packaged in a regular plastic bag or free to breathe.  Each of the plush toys come with an attached tag that gives you a list of humorous instructions about the character.

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Tummie Friends Plushies


Tummie from LouLou & Tummie has sent word of a number of new handmade plushies that are now available.  Each one has a hand cut iron on print.  While most of the Tummie Friends are still available, these one of a kind plushies have been selling fast.


Tickle Party from FriendsWithYou

Want to be entertained?  FriendsWithYou has brought
their love of magic and adventure to Zune Arts with the new film Tickle Party.  Set to the eccentric sounds of New Wave art rocker Santogold's
"Say Aha"
, the film pairs up a couple of "fuzzies" (fluffy white
creatures with a penchant for dance) with a hapless monster reduced to
crying tear-shaped rubies. A reminder that it's more rewarding to be
kind than cruel, "Tickle Party" features a unique blend of stop motion,
puppetry and assorted 3D elements.

"This film is a great example of how Zune Arts can fuse art and music
together to create fun original content," said Rob Schaltenbrand, brand
marketing manager for Zune Arts. "The music of Santogold pairs really
well with the creative vision for FriendsWithYou in this film and the
music breathes life into the "fuzzies" carrying them through this
delightful journey of discovery and sharing."

Red Ice-Bat Kaiju…it’s Hot!


Look at what popped up on the new Uglydoll Blog...a Red Ice-Bat Kaiju figure!  Also from intheyellow, this version will be an exclusive and be limited to 100 pieces.  No word yet on when they will keep your eyes open...err...maybe use your bat sonar?

CONTEST: Readers’ Picks – 2007 Toy Awards


Rocket World sent us this sold out Nanook the Baby Bloody Polar Bear...just for you!  Anyone who entered our previous contest for our 2007 Readers' Choice Awards, you don't have to re-enter.  You'll be entered in this contest automatically.  But if you didn't enter the last's your chance to win a great prize and have your opinion heard!

Here's what we'll ask you to send us.  We want you to vote for your
favorite (and least favorite) toys of the past year.  Email your choices
for the following categories to bcslivka@mac.comPlease include your mailing address.

  1. Favorite Artist
  2. Most Outstanding Company
  3. Best Toy Line
  4. Worst Toy
  5. Plush Toy of the Year
  6. Vinyl Toy of the Year

Only one entry per person.  We'll accept entries through 11:59PM on Friday February 22nd.

Somntrutor och Kusiner


Daniel from Spök-spök sent some photos from the opening night of his "Somntrutor och Kusiner" show.  "The opening went very well, there were lots of people, both fans, friends, and random walk-ins, enjoying beer, plushies and paintings."   The show is open until February 17, so if you're in the area...get out to see it!

Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery
1618 1/2 Silver Lake Blvd

Los Angeles, CA


Toy Break 25: George Hates Stuff!


The 25th iteration of Toy Break has been posted online.  If you play it'll hear a secret message that teaches you what takes a red wine stain out of berber carpet.  Not really.  But you'll get the always entertaining Toy Break trio talking about what's new in the world of toys.

Join us for a gander at Da Ape Junior by Tim Tsui, Mighty Muggs from
Hasbro, Peecol from Kidrobot, news, events, and an actual toy break! As
always, thanks for staying tuned to Toy Break, where it always smells
like fun!