Gargamel Booth #4739

The Gargamel Booth had people lined up in front of it about an hour before Comic Con opened on Preview Night. I'm always impressed with how they just set up everything on their table - and people (including myself) flock. This year, they were joined by equally amazing artists Bwana Spoons and Le Merde.

Booth Favorite: Burgerbuns Resins
This might have been the most difficult choice I've had to make. With a company like Gargamel and two of my favorite artists sharing a could just point to something and it would be my favorite. I chose Le Merde's Burgerbuns resins because you could pick up three little guys for $25.

IMG 2050
IMG 2051
IMG 2052
IMG 2053
IMG 2054
IMG 2055
IMG 2056
IMG 2057
IMG 2058
IMG 2059
IMG 2060
IMG 2061
IMG 2062
IMG 2063
IMG 2064
IMG 2065
IMG 2066
IMG 2167



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