Plastic and Plush is a designer art toy news and review website. We're dedicated to providing up to date news on your favorite artists, toys, galleries, and more.

PlasticandPlush.com was started by Brian Slivka in the summer of 2005. Brian, who posts all of the news articles and writes all of the reviews, previously began what was arguably the first site solely dedicated to covering the world of designer toys back in the spring of 2004 (Toytoons.com).

With an interest in designer vinyl, plush, 1:6 scale, original artwork, prints, customs, action figures, resin...I like to cover topics that interest me, and hopefully interest you as well.


The site's been featured in several print publications, such as Entertainment Weekly and Geek Monthly.

If you'd like for your creation to be featured in a review on the site, please contact Brian at brian@plasticandplush.com. All of our product reviews are based on company or artist submission samples. No money has been paid to review any of these products.

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