Hey folks... I have posted our latest review - the iBot G3 from Classicbot, playsometoys, and Philip Lee.  Please head over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe!

TOY REVIEW: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure

Plastic and Plush reviews the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Action Figure from FCTRY and artist Mike Leavitt. This figure was funded on Kickstarter by over 15,000 backers. You can pick one up here: Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more featured...

REVIEW: Trashbot and Friends Playset

In this week's review, I take a look at the Trashbot and Friends Playset from designer Philip Lee, playsometoys, and Classicbot. Also, we show off their recently released series of Apple Macintosh inspired pins.  Please Like, Subscribe, and Share this video over at...

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