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The Designer Toy Fix: Episode 5 – The Toy Break Crew

Well, this episode has been delayed a few times due to technical difficulties (it didn't record the first time and then my computer's hard drive died).  So, without further adieu, we present the 5th episode of The Designer Toy Fix

In this episode, we chat with George, Ayleen and Matt of Toy Break and October Toys fame.  Listen to what they have planned for the upcoming months and we hear their opinions of some of the current toy designs.

The Designer Toy Fix: Episode 3 – Erick Scarecrow from ESC-Toy

So, we sat down and chatted with Erick Scarecrow of ESC-Toy about some of his recent lines and what he and his toy company have planned for 2008.  Wondering about Mousey Miccis, Old Skool Kaiju, Soopa Coin-Up Bros. and more?  We get the scoop!

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Also, I know that the sync is sometimes off in the video.  Unfortunately, it often happens when you video chat over the internet.

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You might have noticed that The Designer Toy Fix episodes are now posted in YouTube format.  That makes it a little less cumbersome to load up the front page.  You'll still be able to download the episodes for viewing on your iPod (via our .Mac Gallery)...but now you can watch them without all of the wait time.  I hope you enjoy...and please subscribe and add me as a friend!

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