Goodbye to Rocket World

Well here is some sad news from the land of Rocket World. Our pal Patrick Ma has posted the following regarding the future of Rocket World and the Insurgents Wilderness … Read More

REVIEW: IWG Starfleet Series

Background Rocket World’s IWG has been re-imagined as characters from the world of Star Trek: The Original Series. Captain Titus, Commander Affonso, and Lt. Commander Hannibal are on a mission … Read More

SDCC10: Rocket World Booth

A mainstay in the “Cultyard” at San Diego Comic Con, Rocket World again had a rather impressive setup. With the release of the new Star Trek IWG vinyl figures, which … Read More

Rocket World’s Sun Tzu Panda Auction

Rocket World will be auctioning off this handmade, one-of-a-kind Sun Tzu plush (from artist Lana Crooks) at SDCC. They’re hoping to raise a ton of funds for the World Wildlife … Read More

Starfleet IWG Series

Rocket World is traveling where no man has gone before! And we’re lucky enough to get our first look at their Starfleet IWG Series. This lineup combines your favorite Insurgents … Read More

Star Trek Star Fleet IWG Series

The folks at Rocket World have revealed the complete sketches of their upcoming Star Trek Star Fleet IWG Series. Hopefully we’ll get to see some production shots before they are … Read More

Star Fleet IWG

Well, it appears that the Star Trek inspired Star Fleet IWG series will be released at San Diego Comic Con 2010. Patrick – from Rocket World – posted up this … Read More

Lana Crooks’ Handmade Titus

Even though these have already sold out, I thought we’d show you the handmade limited edition Titus plush from artist Lana Crooks. These were made available by Rocket World in … Read More

REVIEW: Titus Plush

Background Rocket World has released their first production run plush. Based on the original – and arguably most popular – Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo member, the Titus Plush landed with a … Read More

Big Rocket World Sale – This Weekend

Rocket World – whose website is currently undergoing system upgrades – is having a big sale this weekend. Here’s the kicker -> You’ll have to place your online sales through … Read More

Plush Titus Treasure Hunt

Yes…we’re your first stop on the scavenger hunt that might just culminate in you winning yourself a Plush Titus before its general release. Check out the image below. Decipher the … Read More

IWG Plush Titus

Rocket World has revealed their first IWG (Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo) plush – Titus. The little bear will include a removable plush skull. Not sure how large these will be, but they look super cute. The plans are to release the…

Rocket World Design Blitz! Creature Hoodie

Rocket World is allowing you the opportunity to choose the 2010 Creature Hoodie design. Oh..and if you vote…not only will you be doing your civic duty, but you’ll also be entered into a contest where you can win said hoodie….

Ronin Hoodie

The newest hoodie from Rocket World – the Ronin Hoodie – is a streamlined hoodie made with a technical 2 layer softshell fabric. It’s versatile in multiple seasons; you can brush off the occasional drizzle, and it blocks chill and…

REVIEW: IWG Movie Icon Series

Background If you’ve followed Rocket World’s Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line, you’re probably familiar with the IWG’s three most popular characters: Titus, Hannibal and Affonso. Artist Patrick Ma has put a new and unique spin on those three with the release…