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Plush Titus Treasure Hunt

Plush Titus Treasure Hunt

Yes...we're your first stop on the scavenger hunt that might just culminate in you winning yourself a Plush Titus before its general release.

Check out the image below. Decipher the missing word (only one word) that belongs in the blank space. The actual image gives you a little hint. Then, you can move on to the next site - - where you'll get the next clue. The treasure hunt will end at Rocket World's site, where they will give you all of the details on how to submit your answers.

Best of luck!

Plush Titus Treasure Hunt I

IWG Plush Titus


Rocket World
has revealed their first IWG (Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo) plush - Titus. The little bear will include a removable plush skull. Not sure how large these will be, but they look super cute. The plans are to release the first 12 of them next week, with the remaining hitting around Thanksgiving.


Rocket World Design Blitz! Creature Hoodie


Rocket World is allowing you the opportunity to choose the 2010 Creature Hoodie design. Oh..and if you vote...not only will you be doing your civic duty, but you'll also be entered into a contest where you can win said hoodie. The grand prize winner will get the 2010 Creature Hoodie plus a Rocket World Gift Bag, while a pair of runner up winners will each get a gift bag.

Without further adieu, here are your choices. It ends up that there are 10 different options that you can choose from:

1. Titus Brown Bear
    1a. with removable ears and horns
2. Return of the Black Bear
    2a. with removable ears and horns
3. Dark Heather Grey Bear w/o face
    3a. bear face and removable ears and horns
    3b. with removable ears and horns
    3c. with bear face
4. Black Bear w/o face
    4a. with removable ears and horns

Email your choice to and include your name. The contest ends on September 30, 2009.


Ronin Hoodie


The newest hoodie from Rocket World - the Ronin Hoodie - is a streamlined hoodie made with a technical 2 layer softshell fabric. It's versatile in multiple seasons; you can brush off the occasional drizzle, and it blocks chill and wind. The subtle TS-kull and Bear Paw logos are embroidered on each sleeve ontop of the Velcro loop
swatches. And 5 zippered pockets allow for any number of today's digital
music players, cell phones, energy bars or ninja stars. The hoodie is great
as a lighter weight summer riding jacket on your favorite form of 2
wheeled transportation. It has a suggested retail price of $199.99 and is now available from Rocket World.

REVIEW: IWG Movie Icon Series



If you’ve followed Rocket World’s Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo line, you’re probably familiar with the IWG’s three most popular characters: Titus, Hannibal and Affonso. Artist Patrick Ma has put a new and unique spin on those three with the release of the IWG Movie Icons Series. Secret Agent Titus, Bullett Hannibal and Dirty Affonso are all based on characters from classic action films and bring some new sculpts to these classic IWG figures.

Secret Agent Titus is ultra-suave and a playbear with the ladies. He laughs at danger and takes on risky covert missions that no one else will. An excellent shot with his specially modified silenced Walther PPK, a master in hand-to-hand combat, expertly trained in espionage, intelligence gathering techniques, escape and evasion.

BULLETT Hannibal dislikes self-serving ambitious politicians. He is strong willed and gets the job done even it means breaking the rules and bucking the system. Calm and collected under fire, he handles difficult moments with a cool and reflective stoicism. All he needs is his wit, charm, and a .38 Special to get the bad guys.

" got to ask yourself, do ya feel lucky punk? Well? Do YA?" If you're looking down the barrel of the most powerful handgun in the world and it belongs to Dirty Affonso, your luck has probably run out. Mess with the rhino and you're going to get the horns...or a .44 slug.

The Facts


Secret Agent Titus
Series: IWG Movie Icons
Manufacturer: Rocket World
Artist: Patrick Ma
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 7”
Points of Articulation: 2 (head, shoulder)
Accessories: Walther PPK with silencer, Mean Terminator Skull display base
Edition Size: 500 pieces


Bullett Hannibal
Series: IWG Movie Icons
Manufacturer: Rocket World
Artist: Patrick Ma
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 7”
Points of Articulation: 3 (head, shoulders)
Accessories: .38 Police Special and shoulder holster rig, Mean Terminator Skull display base
Edition Size: 500 pieces


Dirty Affonso
Series: IWG Movie Icons
Manufacturer: Rocket World
Artist: Patrick Ma
Material: Rotocast Vinyl
Height: 7”
Points of Articulation: 3 (head, shoulders)
Accessories: .44 Magnum Revolver, Mean Terminator Skull display base
Edition Size: 500 pieces

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Griz Lee Bear


Rocket World will be releasing their special edition Griz Lee Bear made for TAD Gear, Inc. Each of the 500 piece edition will be numbered and individually boxed.
The 3.5" tall articulated figure includes a spork, combat knife, and human skull trophy accessories. Look for it to be released early September 2009.

Griz Lee Bear is a Special Edition Vinyl Figure produced for TAD Gear, Inc. He is related to Titus, but unlike his cousin, has had clearly too many espressos. Like Titus, Griz shares an obsession for good gear and loves his spork, Strider knife, and his skull trophy which is very versatile and doubles as a head rest or stool when needed.


SDCC 2009: Rocket World


Rocket World had their new IWG Movie Icons series for sale...featuring Titus, Affonso and Hannibal in their favorite action film poses. The incredibly cute IWG Sleepy Bear series are on display, as are the handmade plushies (Skulls and Titus) from artist Lana Crooks. And the production Titus plushies? know you want one of them.

Rocket World Plush Skulls

Lana for rw

Artist Lana Crooks will be releasing these Rocket World Plush Skulls at San Diego Comic Con (booth #4932). These limited edition plushies are limited to 20 pieces. Each one is handmade and embroidered with the Rocket World paw logo. They will run $50 each.

IWG Movie Icons Series


Yesterday, Patrick Ma from Rocket World revealed the first full view photos of his upcoming IWG Movie Icons Series. "This new series pays homage to the iconic anti-heroes from great movie classics". Each of the 7" tall figures - "Bullett" Hannibal, Inspector "Dirty" Affonso and Secret Agent Titus - will be limited to 500 pieces. Each figure comes with icon specific weaponry that's detailed and removable. The first 48 sets will be available at SDCC.


IWG Movie Icons Titus

IWG_MI_Preview_Titus1 far as sneak peeks go, this one isn't giving much away. We can tell it's Titus, but what exactly will the IWG Movie Icons Titus be? You'll have to wait until SDCC for its premiere at the Rocket World booth.