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Rocket World has released their first production run plush. Based on the original – and arguably most popular – Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo member, the Titus Plush landed with a roar (err…a snarl). There was a treasure hunt that started right here on Plastic and Plush, and ended with a shot at receiving a prize of a plush Titus. Now, the limited edition plush (plus human skull) is available for all IWG fans to place alongside their vinyl collection.

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The Facts

Titus Plush
Series: Insurgent Wilderness Gruppo (IWG)
Manufacturer: Rocket World
Artist: Patrick Ma
Material: Plush
Dimensions: 17.5” feet to ears (13.5” seated)
Accessories: Removable plush skull
Edition Size: 1,000 pieces

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The plush has a very simple tag, which features the Rocket World logo. It’s tied around Titus’ neck with a red ribbon.

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Our Opinion

The plush resembles Titus from the IWG Baby Cubs line. I know…the Baby Cub and regular edition Titus are the same bear character. But the head on the plush is not in scale to the body (head – 9” and body – 8.5”).

One of the first things you notice about the Titus plush is the size of his head. He actually needs to sit with his chin resting on the removable plush skull to stop it from flopping around. There’s no support in the plush’s neck, so that’s the best way to display Titus.

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The plush skull is held in place using Velcro attached to the Titus’ hands and the sides of the skull. The stitching work on the white cranium is great. The eyes, nostrils and spaces between the teeth are embroidered. The way they formed the cheekbones is very impressive. The only thing I don’t like is that they put one rough piece and one soft piece of Velcro on the skull. I would have preferred having both rough pieces on the skull, since Titus is cuddlier (and no one wants to be scratched).

Rocket World did a great job transferring Titus from illustration to vinyl to plush. He’s got the pink belly button and ears, plastic eyes and nose (one eye is smaller than the other), and the single tooth exposed thanks to a slight underbite.

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Overall, the quality of the plush is great. It’s super soft (although the skull is quite solid), and there’s a lot of complex stitching (Titus’ mouth and the skull) that are superbly done. I’m just hoping that Rocket World continues producing plush versions of some of the more popular IWG characters.

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You can pick one up at the following:

Rocket World: $24.99 ea.

Titus Plush Grades

Plush Quality: 9/10
    Stitching: 10/10
    Material: 8/10
Softness: 9/10
Packaging/Tag: 6/10
Cuteness: 9/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 9/10

Overall: 9.2/10

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