So what has been happening since the last time I posted here? Oh...AI has run rampant. (I mean, I don't even need to draw or photograph anything anymore when I can just type "a mid 40s bald overweight white guy with a beard sitting on a couch playing video games with a dream bubble over top his head that has vinyl toys in it" into Photoshop and it generates the beauty that is above)

It's been almost 15 months since I posted anything on, and while it's been fairly liberating, I've wanted to post about a few things that have interested me over that span of time. And when I say liberating, I mean that I had always put this false expectation of "I need to post 5 news stories a day" on myself. It made sense when I was making money on the site, but those days are long, long gone. It's a big old net negative nowadays (how I enjoyed those days of making money).

But I've been getting back in to collecting - hopefully also into selling off a bunch of my collection, since I recently moved and am trying to declutter. But keep an eye on the site as I'm going to be posting about some of the things that currently interest me. And they won't always be toys or collecting. Sometimes it will just be me posting an AI generated image of "a creepy looking dog with a pineapple on its head playing a ukelele at a Bee Gees concert".

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