ERUPTION Night Gamer

Plaseebo has announced that the ERUPTION Night Gamer will be available on Monday March 30th 2020 from the Plaseebo web shop. The ERUPTION Night Gamer is a one-of-a-kind custom of the Plaseebo … Read More

Dr. Apples: #2 Yay?

Dr. Apples has returned with a brand new crazy custom collectible – Dr. Apples: #2 Yay? This one might be the most complex Dr. Apples piece to date. The piece will … Read More

Plaseebo “ASTRO-NOT” Lottery

From Plaseebo, the Plaseebo “ASTRO-NOT” Lottery is open now thru Thursday March 5th 2020. The “ASTRO-NOT infected by Moon flies” is a one-of-a-kind custom built on a Plaseebo glow in the … Read More

Plaseebo – SUMBOT Lottery

Plaseebo has announced that their “SUMBOT” Lottery is open now thru Friday February 14th 2020. The SUMBOT is a one-of-a-kind custom mash-up of the Plaseebo Son Of Sum body with a … Read More

Plaseebo – “FREEZE” Lottery

Plaseebo has announced that their “FREEZE” Lottery is open now thru Friday February 7th 2020. This is a one of a kind custom of the Plaseebo glow-in-the-dark vinyl Walker produced by … Read More

DCON19 – Wing Kong Tiki/Skatepunk Booth

With DesignerCon 2019 happening at the end of this week, we have a few more items announced for the Wing Kong Tiki/Skatepunk Booth #2136. The Kunoichi Art Dolls are a … Read More

One-Eyed Girl at DesignerCon 2019

Artist Kasey Tararuj – who goes by the name One-Eyed Girl – will be at DesignerCon 2019 at Booth #1825 (with Zard Apuya). Kasey will be bringing with her a number of … Read More

Dr. Apples: The Little Things

From the mind of artist Dr. Apples comes this new custom piece – Dr. Apples: The Little Things. This one of a kind custom uses a 4-inch tall Munny base. … Read More

Naomi Knaff Custom Plaseebo SUM Lottery

Plaseebo has announced lottery details for their Plaseebo SUM figure custom by artist Naomi Knaff. The lottery is open through Wednesday September 18th 2019. This is a one of a kind … Read More

Dr. Apples – Mr. Know-It-All

The artist named Apples returns with a new Custom based on a 4-inch tall Munny. Based on the Dr. Apples franchise, this one is named Dr. Apples: Mr. Know-It-All. The … Read More

Plaseebo Asteroid Custom Lottery

Plaseebo has announced the lottery details for their latest custom release. The “ASTEROID” custom Lottery is open NOW thru Friday August 16th 2019. This is a one of a kind custom … Read More

Dr. Apples: Cheese Custom

Apples has returned with a new 4-inch tall Munny custom based on the artist’s Dr. Apples Franchise. This latest custom is named Dr. Apples: Cheese and can be purchased for $250.00. The … Read More