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Montreal Munny Show


The Munny Show returns to Montreal on the 14th of March.  The venue is Off The Hook and the theme is a robot invasion.  They'll be giving away a number of prizes to those who enter...but it'll cost you some dough to enter the show.

Star Wars mimobot Series 2 – Shipping


Star Wars mimobot Series 2 begin shipping today.  That means that Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, and Boba Fett will soon join your flash drive collection...if you're lucky!

The four new Star Wars mimobot designs take advantage of mimoco’s
continuing revolution in cap styles. Han has his signature mop-top,
Leia has her famous buns, and both Luke and Fett have helmets which can
be removed to reveal their faces below.  Want to pick one up?  The four new characters are available through mimoco's online shop.

Gandalf the Grey 12″ Figure


Sideshow debuted their newest addition to the 12" Lord of the Rings line - Gandalf the Grey - at Toy Fair 2008.  The exclusive and regular editions are currently up for pre-order through their site.  The authentic likeness of Ian McKellen includes a boatload of accessories and should help calm those LOTR collectors who have been waiting for a new 1/6 scale figure.

Time For Action

Here's a fun little stop motion animation my buddy from high school Bryan Green - aka Envisionboy - did involving one of his hand made foldable figures.  Foldi is the worker. Where does he go?  Find out!

Phu! x Red Gamerita = Ecto


PhuEk! has updated his site with this new custom Gamerita figure, which he has renamed Ecto.  The 6" tall figure was produced for a private collector and includes broken toy gears and the clear bubble from a capsule toy.

Strangekiss Exclusive BOTM


Jamungo's Bud Of The Month (BOTM) for February 2008 is Yuck's Bud Buddy.  It's exclusive to Strangekiss and will be made available on February 26th at 12 noon CST. This one is sure to sell out, so you better act quick on the launch date.

Doktor A. Teases Us All


Doktor A. sent in this teaser image for his upcoming project.  So what is it?  A custom?  A produced vinyl figure?  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

It's actually part of his Mechtorians line of mini figures from MINDstyle.  The first series of 6 figures is scheduled for a fall release.

Patapon Be@rbricks


Sony PlayStation is set to launch a new videogame - Patapon - for the PSP on February 26.  The game's chief artist is Rolito, and he's created all the character and environment designs for the game.  They've teamed up with Medicom to produce a limited series of Patapon-themed Be@rbricks.  Fans of the game as well as Rolito will be quick to pick these up.


Catch & Release Trading Party


celebrate the release of KidRobot's new series of Dunnies, The French Series,
Atomic Pop is having a release/trading party. Bring the duplicate toys that you're
looking to trade.  While it's a Dunny party, the trading is not limited to Dunny series toys. If you
have other art toys to trade, bring them along.  The Catch & Release Trading Party will take place on Thursday February 21st from 7PM through 9PM.

Atomic Pop
3620 Falls Rd.
Hampden, Baltimore

FluffyYukYuk on February 18