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Obi-Wan Kenobi: General – Clone Wars


Sideshow showed off the newest character from their 1/6 scale Star Wars line.  The Obi-Wan Kenobi: General from the Clone Wars 12" figure will be available for pre-order on February 22nd at 10AM PDT.  The Sideshow Exclusive will come with the holographic Commander Cody figure.  This will be the first Clone Trooper and/or Stormtrooper body produced by Sideshow, so it should be great seeing what it looks like.

Luke Feldman aka Skaffs’ ‘Maiko’


Luke Feldman aka Skaffs will show off the prototype of his Maiko figure at WonderCon San Francisco on February 24th.  It will be on display at the
Cartoon Art Museum booth from 1PM through 5PM.  Luke Feldman will be there
signing.  The figure is a joint project between Skaffs and dodgrr.

The limited edition (only 10) resin prototype will be approximately 5 1/2" in height, with an articulated head.  Each will be signed, numbered and include a limited edition giclee print.  The official launch of the figure will take place on April 4th in Melbourne, Australia.

My Beating Heart is Back


So you have a little under 12 months in order to choose your gift for Valentine's Day 2009, right?  Well, My Beating Heart has been completely redesigned and remade.  Yury Gitman, the designer behind the line has teamed up with Android 8 to distribute these.

They are currently being factory made (no longer handmade) and the "meditation-modelling [sic] heartbeat algorithm" has been refined and recoded.  It's now safe for kids (3+) and includes an LED back-lit label that works as an on/off switch.  Plus, they've developed a few new styles of plush pillows.

Toy Break Episode 26: Adult Toys


I know what you're thinking...and just stop thinking that.  The Toy Break crew didn't go and change their format.  It's still the lovable show it always was.  Don't believe me?  Just check out what's on his week's webisode.

This week we have Ripple by Sket One, Crush from Neptoon Studios,
Galaxy Bunch by Michael Kwong, Dalek Qees, news, events, and more! Love
us or hate us, you know you want more, so thanks for stopping by for a
Toy Break!

New at Fugitive Toys

Uglydolls Mean Beautiful Biz


Alita, from the Uglydolls family, is interviewed by in a 2:37 clip that they call Uglydolls mean beautiful biz.  You'll get a chance to see parts of the Uglydoll Toy Fair booth.  And we ("hipsters" and "trend setters") love hearing that the Uglys will continue being sold at specialty retailers.  Unfortunately, I couldn't embed a link to the you'll have to check it out here.

Narnia’s Heroes Leap from the Silver Screen


Walt Disney Pictures’ epic film, The Chronicles of
Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
based on C.S. Lewis' timeless tale, comes to life
through Robert Tonner's collection
of Tonner Character Figures™ (TCF).

The life-like figures are
authorized portraits of William Moseley in the role of Peter Pevensie; Anna
in the role of Susan Pevensie; Skandar Keynes in the role of Edmund
; and Georgie Henley in the role of Lucy Pevensie.

Ranging from
13”-19” tall, each perfectly replicated Pevensie sibling comes authentically
dressed.  The intricate costume details range from to real buttons and lace-up
shoes to custom knit sweaters.   The kings and queens of Narnia also have
separate coronation costumes available (pictured below) which include fine details such as
intricately molded crowns, hand-embroidery details and luxurious fabrics.


Wish Come True at Yoyamart


Yoyamart has posted photos from their Wish Come True event.  The show was the release of Wish Come True Series 1 from Friend's With You and STRANGEco.  Judging from the photos, it looks like the place was packed.  And kids and adults alike enjoyed the new line of toys.  Go on over to Yoyamart's Facebook page to view all of their photos.


Mousey Micci Vinyl


You might remember seeing Erick Scarecrow's Mousey Micci plush line.  A little alien in a pink, green or blue spacesuit.  **It won our plush of the year award for 2007. 

Well, ESC Toy has sent us this sneak peek at their upcoming vinyl Mousey Micci sculpt.  When will it be released?  What colors will it be available in?   Will it have special powers?  You'll just have wait and see.

Comic Mickey and Minnie VCD


Sideshow Collectibles is bringing collectors Medicom Toy's
line of high-quality Vinyl Collectible Dolls. Medicom has designed the
Disney VCD line with the serious Disney collector in mind, realizing
each character accurately and faithfully.  Both the Mickey and Minnie VCDs are based on the 1930's cartoons.