Kidrobot Booth #4529

Once again, Kidrobot was the beacon of hope for designer vinyl toy collectors...specifically those who love lines. While the lines didn't appear to be as egregious as years past, Kidrobot did release their exclusives at set times, which is nice because not all of their exclusives were sold out during the mad rush of Preview Night.

Booth Favorite: Sket One's Mustard Dunny
A Dunny on my favorite list? What is this world coming to? For some reason I like having toys that look like condiments. Honorable mention here to the Ninjatown Mini Series by Shawnimals. More Shawnimals can never be a bad thing.

IMG 2150
IMG 2151
IMG 2152
IMG 2153
IMG 2154
IMG 2155
IMG 2156
IMG 2157
IMG 2159
IMG 2160




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