Toy Break/October Toys Booth #4838

George and Ayleen from Toy Break (they also run October Toys) were in attendance to give hugs and sign autographs for all of you loyal Toy Breakers (me being one...). There was also a boatload of toys at the booth - the Gwin Empire, Grave Fellow, Keliens, Z.O.M.B.I.E.S., and they picked a pair of Ragnar's Peppers.

Booth Favorite: Grave Fellow
While Neil Winn's handmade resin monster was impressive...he wasn't available to purchase at the Toy Break booth. The Grave Fellow, which falls into my top 10 favorite show exclusives, was available for $45. The hand cast, hand painted resin figure set even includes one point of articulation (at the neck).

IMG 1852
IMG 1850
IMG 1853
IMG 1854
IMG 1855
IMG 1860
IMG 1856
IMG 1859


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