STRANGEco Booth #4728

Once again, STRANGEco had a rather impressive San Diego Comic Con setup. In addition to showing off new figure designs from James Jarvis, Mars-1 and Shepard Fairey...this is one of the places where you could check out customs from Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co.).

Booth Favorite: Giant Mars-1 Figures
Who didn't want to pick up an Observer when they were released? Well, if these giant Mars-1 figures see production and release, they'll be on plenty of wish lists.

IMG 1820
IMG 1823
IMG 1824
IMG 1826
IMG 1827
IMG 1828
IMG 1829
IMG 1830
IMG 1831
IMG 1832
IMG 1833
IMG 1834
IMG 1835
IMG 1836
IMG 1837
IMG 1838
IMG 1839



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