Toynami Booth #3229

Amongst the Comic Con bedlam was the Toynami booth with some interesting lines. First off, we saw the return of UNKL Brand with the revealing of several new lines - Gastro-Normous, SearchR and Dreamers. And if you like Futurama...Toynami had both action figure and plush lines based on the license. And with what might be of interest (or horror) to vinyl collectors is The Canmans line.

Booth Favorite: Gastro-Normous
It was good to see some new designs from UNKL. Gastro-Normous was my favorite of the trio, even though it strays a little from UNKL's recent robot-theme trend.

IMG 2238
IMG 2239
IMG 2240
IMG 2241
IMG 2242
IMG 2243
IMG 2244
IMG 2245
IMG 2246
IMG 2248
IMG 2249
IMG 2250
IMG 2251
IMG 2252
IMG 2253
IMG 2254
IMG 2255
IMG 2256
IMG 2257
IMG 2258
IMG 2259
IMG 2260
IMG 2261



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