Tonner Doll Company Booth #4148

Tonner Doll Company's SDCC Exclusive figure was the Saloon Lilah from Jonah Hex. And there were guys drooling to get their hands on Megan Fox - even if she was only in doll form. There were several figures that we got our first up-close glimpse at - specifically the Captain Malcolm Reynolds and Jayne Cobb from Firefly.

Booth Favorite: Kermit the Frog
Tonner has turned everyone's favorite frog (unless you like that crazy singing frog from WB) into an almost life-sized version of Kermit. That is...if he were actually alive. I must say that I also like the Firefly figures...but does that make me an 18 year old girl stuck in 2002?

IMG 1771
IMG 1765
IMG 1766
IMG 1767
IMG 1768
IMG 1769
IMG 1770
IMG 1773
IMG 1774
IMG 1775
IMG 1776
IMG 1777
IMG 1778
IMG 1779
IMG 1780
IMG 1781
IMG 1783


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