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Charlie The Angry Elephant OG Pink Edition Pre-Order

UVD Toys is currently taking pre-orders for their long-awaited 4-inch tall vinyl version of Angel Once's Charlie The Angry Elephant. You can reserve the OG Pink Edition beginning today with a scheduled shipping date in November of 2019. You'll be able to pre-order this pink elephant for $50.00 each.

Bruzzy Tokyo Classic by Zukaty Toys

Zukaty Custom Toys is currently running a lottery for the Bruzzy Tokyo Classic Limited Release. The Bruzzy stands in at 7 inches tall with 5 points of articulation (neck, arms, and legs). It comes packed in a bag with header card, including stickers and a mini omake Bruzzy head. If you win the lottery, which runs until Midnight GMT on Wednesday September 18th 2019, it will run $70.00 plus shipping ($20.00 international, $10.00 UK).

To enter, please email with "Bruzzy Tokyo Classic" in the subject and include:

Phone Number
Instagram ID

Reserva Pica-Pau Toy Art

Straight outta Brazil, artist Ismael Lito has released his new vinyl art toy art with Reserva - a clothing and fashion store in Brazil. Named Reserva Pica-Pau Toy Art (Reserva woodpecker toy art), the nearly 11.5-inch tall vinyl piece is available to order for BR$ 199 (which is about $50.00). 

Okedoki Studio – Mighty Mo Original Edition pre-order

Made by Okedoki Studio, the Mighty Mo resin figure is currently available for preorder. Mighty Mo is the first figure in the Star Born Series. This Original Edition is limited to a run of only 25 pieces, which will begin shipping out in late September and through October 2019. The 5.75-inch tall figure is removable from base and comes in a wooden box with a limited edition foil collectors card and Certificate of Authenticity. Each figure is signed and numbered by Okedoki. You can currently pre-order one for $280.00.

Ellie The Jellyfish Princess “Teal” Edition

Artist MJ Hsu and UVD Toys have announced the release of the Ellie The Jellyfish Princess “Teal” Edition. Produced by UVD Toys, this new colorway of the 8.5-inch tall Ellie vinyl figure will drop on their site site (and other retailers) on Tuesday September 10th 2019 for $75.00 each.

Princess Ellie is a tidal explorer and friend of all the seven seas. She follows the current wherever it takes her, exploring every part of the ocean and helping her fellow sea creatures along the way. Everywhere she travels, the waters whisper of her magic and kind spirit. Some say she was born from a pearl that dropped from the moon into the water below. Follow Ellie on her adventures and see if you can spot her friends. Who knows, you might even learn the truth of her ancient origin.

Retroverse Amazing Heroes Wave 3 Pre-Order

Fresh Monkey Fiction is currently taking pre-orders for their Retroverse Amazing Heroes Wave 3. Characters include: Cosmic Madman; Nexus; Captain Future; Blackout; Atomic Thunderbolt; Wonderman; Black Bat; Champion of Mars; Silver Streak. Each Amazing Heroes figure stands 4.5 inches tall and comes with collector friendly packaging. Each Wave 3 figure is currently limited to 100 pieces worldwide. You can pre-order them here, ranging in price from $10.00 through $30.00.

Fluffy House x Amanda Visell – Fluffy Clouds

Fluffy House and artist Amanda Visell have teamed up to release a trio of 5-inch tall Fluffy Cloud vinyl collectibles. With distinctive character facial expressions, the best friend icons Mr. White Cloud and Little Raindrop will bring you a collection of weathers and emotional states: Cloudy Day, Black Cloud, and Rain x Shine. Each Cloud includes a little raindrop. Each colorway can be purchased for $45.00 each.

Angie the Anglerfish – Mako Shark Edition

Tenacious Toys has announced another Tenacious Toys Exclusive collectible - Angie the Anglerfish by artist 5th Turtle. Angie measures 2.5 inches tall long and glows in the dark. The exclusive color variant is being called the Mako Shark Edition. This exclusive run is limited to only 10 pieces in this blue GID color variant. They will be available to purchase for $40.00 each and will hit the Tenacious Toys shop on Wednesday August 14th 2019 at Noon ET.

Blue Nebula Gergle Release

This Friday - August 9th 2019 - at 5PM PT, Miscreation Toys has announced the Blue Nebula Gergle - of the Autopsy Baby Series - will be released for $200.00 each. Artist Michael Devera painted this mesmerizing nebula effect over clear blue Japanese vinyl. These 10-inch figures will be limited to only 5 pieces. They will be available to purchase over at Michael's webstore.

Bearchamp: Italian Stallion Edition

Available beginning on Friday August 9th 2019 at Noon ET, Tenacious Toys will have a new JC Rivera Bearchamp exclusive - Bearchamp: Italian Stallion Edition. This 4-inch tall vinyl figure is articulated at the arms. Designed by artist JC River and produced by UVD Toys, this version is limited to a run of 200 pieces - all exclusive to (There will be 7 color ways available in this second series)

The Bearchamp: Italian Stallion Edition will be priced at $75.00 each.