Aleister Brawley, a new mash-up figure from The Devils Kaiju, features the original Aleister head on the Seeer/Shaman body. This debut release of Aleister Brawley is the Camouflaged Chameleon Edition and will be sold via lottery. The colorway features amazon green vinyl, with various brown, black, and olive camo sprays and splatters. Each figure comes adorned with a bronze skull charm and a hand-painted TDK den-den drum. The Brawley figure stands approximately 5 inches tall and will run $85.00 plus shipping.

Lottery rules are as follows:

1. Send ONE email only please to:
2. Email title MUST be: Camouflaged Chameleon
3. Email Body (English please/ No special characters):

Your Full name:
Shipping Address:
Paypal Email Address:
Outside US only: Phone Number:
(China Only: Resident ID number:)

Please get lottery emails sent in by Friday, July 29th at 5pm Pacific Time. Winners will be chosen at random Friday evening and will receive an email notification and Paypal invoice at that time. Winners will have 48 hours to pay or another will be selected.

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