Global Figure Symposium Booth #4937

The Onell Design booth (branded the Global Figure Symposium) featured a rotating assemblage of artists from all corners of the globe. MonstreHero, Matt Walker (Dead Presidents), Real X Head, Rumble-Monsters, Suckadelic, Skull Toys, Uamou...and I'm sure I'm missing about 20 others.

This one ranked at the top of the list for booths that I needed to check back in with. There was always something new and interesting...crossovers...small runs...handmade pieces. The Global Figure Sympsium killed it again this year.

Booth Favorite: Onell's Rig
Wow...choosing one toy from this booth is next to impossible. But I went with a Matt Doughty piece - the newest addition to the Glyos line. The Rig sold out (it was available at the Con in limited quantities) and I can see why. Just a fun toy from Onell.

IMG 1786
IMG 1787
IMG 1788
IMG 1789
IMG 1790
IMG 1792
IMG 1793
IMG 1794
IMG 1795
IMG 1796
IMG 2168
IMG 2169
IMG 2170
IMG 2171
IMG 2172
IMG 2173
IMG 2290
IMG 2291
IMG 2292
IMG 2293
IMG 2294
IMG 2295
IMG 2296



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