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The Onell Design booth (branded the Global Figure Symposium) featured a rotating assemblage of artists from all corners of the globe. MonstreHero, Matt Walker (Dead Presidents), Real X Head, Rumble-Monsters, Suckadelic, Skull Toys, Uamou...and I'm sure I'm missing about 20 others.

This one ranked at the top of the list for booths that I needed to check back in with. There was always something new and interesting...crossovers...small runs...handmade pieces. The Global Figure Sympsium killed it again this year.

Booth Favorite: Onell's Rig
Wow...choosing one toy from this booth is next to impossible. But I went with a Matt Doughty piece - the newest addition to the Glyos line. The Rig sold out (it was available at the Con in limited quantities) and I can see why. Just a fun toy from Onell.


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