The GodBeast’s Wave 21 Super DX Build

The GodBeast will be dropping his Wave 21 Super DX Build tomorrow (Friday July 7th 2017) at 8PM CST. The Standard Kabuto Mushi builders (pictured above) will sell for $12.00 each. … Read More

Wave 12 Kabuto Mushi Release – Tonight

The GodBeast will be releasing Wave 12 of his Kabuto Mushi figure tonight (Sunday December 20th 2015) at 9PM ET. Amongst those that will be available to order are – in order of pictured – the … Read More

Kabuto Mushi Release from The Godbeast

Today (October 23rd 2015) at 9PM ET, The Godbeast will be releasing a number of new color versions of his Kabuto Mushi figure. Of course, there’s the above pictured Hallobuto all done … Read More

Kabuto Mushi MKII Wave III

Marty Hansen (aka The GodBeast) has announced a tentative release date of June 1st 2014 (at 8PM CT) for the Kabuto Mushi MKII Wave III. The above pictured duo are only … Read More

Kabuto Mushi MKII Release Details

Marty Hansen (The GodBeast) will be bringing his Kabuto Mushi MKII to the 2014 Kansas City Planet Comic Con (March 14th to 16th) and Chicago’s C2E2 (April 25th to 27th) … Read More

Stabilized Andur at 481Universe

The Stabilized Andur figure will be available on Friday January 31st 2014 beginning at 9PM ET over at These Glyos compatible figures are pink and blue PVC with light … Read More

NYCC13: The Mystical Warriors of the Ring Wave 1

The Mystical Warriors of the Ring Wave 1 (the PVC figures) will be available at New York Comic Con 2013. Widowmaker, Kayin Kungaa, and Sheldon Sabre will be released at … Read More

Onell’s Special Sunday Release

Onell Design has announced that a Traveler from the past will return this Sunday, September 8th 2013, at 9:30PM ET. There will be a whole lineup of new releases posted … Read More

Onell Design Mini Anniversary Release

Onell Design will be celebrating a couple of important anniversaries with a very special release this Sunday, July 28th 2013 at 9:30PM ET. After more than a decade since their … Read More

Kabuto Mushi MKII Prototype

Marty Hansen (aka TheGodBeast) has revealed photos (and details) about the Kabuto Mushi MKII prototypes. This is the UV resistant urethane metallic green/gold iridescent Kabuto Mushi MKII prototype (there are … Read More

Onell Buildstation – Open Tonight

Onell Design has announced that The Buildstation will come back to life tonight (Friday, June 14th 2013) at 9:30PM ET. Here’s what Matt has to say about this evening’s release: … Read More

New Figures from Banimon

Banimon has released a trio of new 1-inch tall PVC figures (all completely interchangeable with the Glyos System Series figures). The Red Army Men “Revolutionary Guard” has 16 separate parts … Read More

481 Universe Custom Drop

There will be a big custom release over at 481 Universe this Friday (May 24th 2013) at 8PM ET. “Some of them include Outlander test shot parts, Armorvor parts, hand … Read More

The Outlander from NiStuff

So Ni (Nicholas) from NiStuff and 481 Universe is showing off the above photo of the first test shot of his Outlander production piece. The Glyos compatible figure look pretty … Read More

Operation: Sonesidar – Onell’s February 1st Drop

Onell Design will be dropping their first release of 2013 tonight (February 1st 2013) at 9:30PM ET. As mentioned before, the old Adventure People line is the main inspiration for … Read More