The GodBeast’s Wave 21 Super DX Build

The GodBeast will be dropping his Wave 21 Super DX Build tomorrow (Friday July 7th 2017) at 8PM CST. The Standard Kabuto Mushi builders (pictured above) will sell for $12.00 each. The colorways are as follows: Standard Evolver Beetorian; Reverse Evolver Beetorian; Standard Rock Beetorian; Reverse Rock Beetorian.


There are also a pair of Super DX Crawler Build Kits, available for $65.00 each. The Stone Crawler and Flora Crawler will be extremely limited, so you'll want to act quickly on them. Finally, there will be a Bio Master's "SlitherHook" accessories set ($5.00) and an Onell Design Glyos "Axis Joint" accessories set ($4.00) available.

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