Rocket World sent us this sold out Nanook the Baby Bloody Polar Bear...just for you!  Anyone who entered our previous contest for our 2007 Readers' Choice Awards, you don't have to re-enter.  You'll be entered in this contest automatically.  But if you didn't enter the last's your chance to win a great prize and have your opinion heard!

Here's what we'll ask you to send us.  We want you to vote for your
favorite (and least favorite) toys of the past year.  Email your choices
for the following categories to bcslivka@mac.comPlease include your mailing address.

  1. Favorite Artist
  2. Most Outstanding Company
  3. Best Toy Line
  4. Worst Toy
  5. Plush Toy of the Year
  6. Vinyl Toy of the Year

Only one entry per person.  We'll accept entries through 11:59PM on Friday February 22nd.

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