Phantom of the Paradise Collectibles from Medicom

I am a huge fan of cheesy and cult classic films from the 1970’s and 1980’s. Phantom of the Paradise definitely falls into the latter category (it might also be considered … Read More

Pharrell Williams Real Action Hero

Medicom has released a new 1/6th scale Pharrell Williams Real Action Hero. It’s announced that the figure will retail for 24,800¥ (about $220).

The GHOST – from Plaseebo

The “GHOST” is a one of a kind custom from Plaseebo of the Kaiju Coup / Medicom Toy “Warui Inu” figure in clear vinyl. At 6 inches tall, the figure … Read More

Darth Vader Crystal Model from Medicom

If you like your Darth Vader all sparkly, Medicom has announced the Darth Vader Crystal Model, which launches on Saturday September 19th 2015. Most likely, neither you nor I will … Read More

Medicom’s Legion of Doom Sofubi

Medicom has announced the release of their newest WWE sofubi soft vinyl figures – the Legion of Doom. Both Hawk (left) and Animal (right) are available to pre-order with a … Read More

Vinyl Artist Gacha Series 1

Medicom is releasing videos of the artists taking part in their Vinyl Artist Gacha Series 1. Unfortunately, they apparently didn’t consult any English speaking collectors when they nicknamed the line … Read More

Merryner’s “Fall” from Medicom

Medicom has announced that the Merryner’s “Fall” figures are now available to pre-order. From husband and wife artists Ernie and Cassandra Velasco (aka doubleparlour), the creepily fantastic series of 6-inch tall … Read More

Evil Warui Neko – US Edition Lottery

Plaseebo will be offering up the Evil Warui Neko – US Edition designed and sculpted in the US by Kaiju Coup and produced in Japan by Medicom Toy. The 6.5-inch … Read More

A Pair of Mickey Mouse VCDs

Medicom has announced a pair of new Mickey Mouse Vinyl Collectible Dolls. The Mickey Mouse VCD Singing Version and Mickey Mouse VCD Hard Rock Version will be released this Friday, November … Read More

Medicom’s Kinnikuman and Terryman

Medicom’s Kinnikuman and Terryman vinyl figures are now available to pre-order (through October 31st 2014). American audiences probably knew them as being M.U.S.C.L.E. figures, but these stand around 10.5″ in … Read More

2014 Halloween Be@rbrick

Medicom has announced two new Halloween inspired Be@rbrick figures. The 2014 Halloween Be@rbrick features the “Halloween night” design on an orange or green figure. It will be released and should … Read More

RAH Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

Medicom has released a 1/6th scale figure based on one of the most iconic versions of Batman ever written – from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns. The (Real Action … Read More

Medicom’s WWE Sofubi Fighting Series

From their Sofubi Fighting Series, Medicom has announced the release of a pair of WWE legends. Both Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior will be available in this approximately 10" … Read More

Superman and Bizarro Sofubi

Wave 2 of Medicom Toy’s DC Heroes Sofubi figures will feature the good and evil sides of Superman. Superman fans can only get these exclusive items from their local comic … Read More

Jyujin ENISHI Green Edition

Toy Art Gallery is proud to present their second exclusive Jyujin edition by Japanese artist GEEK! Produced by Medicom Toy, the Jyujin ENISHI Green Edition stands in at 12 inches … Read More