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Ratchet & Clank Blindbag Series

Insomniac Games is currently taking pre-orders for their Ratchet & Clank Blindbag Series. This is a collaboration between ESC Toy x Erick Scarecrow x Insomniac Games x Playstation with over 120 figures and accessories. Figures range in height from 1 inch to 4 inches in height. Each blind bag includes one random vinyl figure plus two random accessories. You can currently pre-order these from Insomniac for $16.00 each, with them expected to begin shipping in Late-December 2019.

Hotline Miami Chibi Figure Set

ESC-Toy has announced the pre-order availability for their new Hotline Miami Chibi Figure Set by Erick Scarecrow x Dennaton. Set to ship in January 2020, the set features two 4.75-inch tall figures (Vigilante and Assassin) made of vinyl/PVC. You can currently pre-order the set for $50.00.

Metal Wolf Chaos Statue

Now available from the Devolver Digital Shop comes the 10-inch tall Metal Wolf Chaos vinyl/PVC figure. Designed by artist Erick Scarecrow, this collectible is based on the Video game of the same name. Slated to ship in Q4 of 2019, you can currently pre-order this piece for $200.00.

Days Gone Rager Bear Plush

ESC-Toy has released the Days Gone Rager Bear Plush. Based on a character from the award winning Playstation title developed by SONY Bend Studios, this plush includes the bear plush with a zipper stomach and three 1-inch Days Gone PVC Tags. Avaialble exclusively ESC-Toy, you can pick up this plush for $25.00.

Erick Scarecrow Acrylic Charm Bundle

Over at the ESC-Toy shop, they've released the new Erick Scarecrow Acrylic Charm Bundle. The set of five charms includes the following: S.Maria, Little Axe, Null64 Bot, SNS Bot, and Fami Bot. Each charm measures about 1.7 inches tall. You can pick up all five in the set for $20.00.

Bloodborne Lady Maria Chibi Figure

ESC-Toy is now accepting pre-orders for the Bloodborne Lady Maria Chibi Figure. From SONY x ESC-Toy, and based on the award winning Playstation title developed by From Software, the 5-inch tall vinyl figure is expected to ship in late October 2018. It's currently available to pre-order for $30.00 (that special pricing ends 10/31/18).

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy and Thunderjaw Vinyl Figures

ESC-Toy has released the Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy and Thunderjaw Vinyl Figures as a pair and within a bundle. The pair runs $45.00, while the bundle, which includes the Official Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy and Thunderjaw Collectible Pin set A (exclusive to ESC-Toy), the 4-inch tall vinyl figure set - Aloy and Thunderjaw, and the Cultist Tee printed on a white 100% cotton t-shirt runs $70.00.

Gravity Rush 2 Vinyl Figures from ESC-Toy

ESC-Toy has announced the release of their new Gravity Rush 2 vinyl figures. The 5-inch tall Kat and Raven vinyl figures are now available for purchase, in a number bundle options. The basic set of two figures can be purchased for $45.00, while the bundle we're showing here (the most expensive, with pins and a plush included) runs $65.00.

PaRappa The Rapper Vinyl Figure

ESC-Toy has announced their new PaRappa the Rapper vinyl figures. The 5-inch tall PaRappa the Rapper and 3.25-inch PJ Berri vinyl figures are now available for purchase individually or together in a special bundle that includes the collectible PaRappa the Rapper and PJ Berri pins. Based on the PaRappa the Rapper title developed by SONY and Rodney Greenblat, the individual figures run $22.00 each while the set goes for $50.00.

Bloodborne Figure Set 02

ESC-Toy has released the Bloodborne Figure Set 02 from Sony and ESC-Toy. Based on the award winning Playstation title developed by From Software, this vinyl figure set includes the 5-inch tall Eileen The Crow and 5-inch tall Djura Hunter - available exclusively from ESC-Toy. You can pick up the set now for $45.00 (also, there are several other package options).