Uglydolls Booth #3344

At the Uglydolls booth, we got our first look at the SDCC Exclusive Uglycorn plush. If he was too big for your suitcase, there was also the Little Ugly Uglycorn Toy Tokyo Edition, which swapped the wings and body colors of the regular version. They had plenty of other Uglydolls available for your purchasing pleasure, with an entire wall full of various Uglydolls in different sizes.

If plush isn't your style (I don't know you!) could always have picked up a case of Uglydoll Action Figures. Or how about a the new Uglydoll Be@rbrick collaboration? They also had several new t-shirt designs (or they were just new to us). And after you purchased half of the Uglydoll booth, there was no better way to tote around your new toys than by picking up one of the colorful Ugly Tote Bags (now in orange, blue, red and pink).

Booth Favorite: Ugly Hats
Even though it's pushing 100 degrees in many parts of the'll want one of these Ugly Hats once the winter rolls around. Super cute and a complete surprise. They were available in both blue and a purple/pink.

sdcc uglydolls 01
sdcc uglydolls 02
sdcc uglydolls 03
sdcc uglydolls 04
sdcc uglydolls 05
sdcc uglydolls 06
sdcc uglydolls 08
sdcc uglydolls 09


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