Tenacious Toys is teaming up with Breadwig (artist Bryan Ballinger) on a new line of resin collectibles based on his Faulty Dogs illustrations and artwork.

Bryan and Benny ran a poll to determine the community's choices for the first dogs to start with, and the results are in: the first two figures will be Playing Dog (a dachshund) and Trash Can Dog. Each collectible will be approximately 6 inches long or tall, and both Bryan and Benny hope to round out the series by eventually turning many more of the Faulty Dog designs into resin collectibles.

The first Kickstarter to help fund the project will launch this week, and interested collectors are encouraged to sign up for notifications either via the Breadwig email list signup form, or the Kickstarter Preview Page.

Prototypes of some of the Faulty Dogs will be on display at New York Comic Con Booth #1673 from October 6 - 9. 

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