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Bag of Worry Beans – Autumn and Samhain Editions

Taylored Curiosities has released a pair of new Worry Bean Editions. The Bag of Worry Beans - Autumn Edition includes three Worry Beans in Autumn colors, an Acorn Worry Bean with real acorn cups, and a real acorn for you to plant. The Bag of Worry Beans - Samhain Edition includes three Worry Beans. Each edition is available to purchase in limited quantities at £20.00 (about $26).

Hallows Eve Skellene

Miscreation Toys has released the new marbled “Hallows Eve Skellene” resin 5-inch tall Mourning Doll Figure. Each piece is marbled in its own unique way, using clear orange mixed with black and GID resin hand cast by DuboseArt. The original 3D sculpt was done by D0peP0pe, with the character designed by Jeremi Rimel.

This limited edition run is currently available to order for $55.00 plus $7.00 domestic shipping ($22.00 for international).

The Deadly Duo – Halloween Combo

From Creator of Designer Toys comes the Deadly Duo - Bone Daddy and Meowl Halloween Combo. Available beginning on Thursday October 24th 2019 at 5PM PT, these guys are handcrafted out of resin and stand roughly 3.5 inches tall. There will be 13 sets available for this Halloween special, with each one selling for $45.00.

Deadly Duo Backstory:

In a teeny tiny graveyard in a land far more magical than our own, lived a blissfully content little skeleton. Daily he walked the boundary of his graveyard smartly dressed in a top hat and brandishing an embellished cane. Maintaining the grounds and greeting anyone brave enough to pass thru the graveyard. Although he was friendly, there was an heir of creepiness associated with him (after all he was a walking, talking skeleton) that unfortunately scared away any potential frequent visitors. Although he didn't mind being alone, he often wondered what it would be like to have a great friend in which to pass the time. Several eons passed, visitors became even less frequent and time forgot the tiny graveyard. After being alone for so long, the little skeleton all but gave up hope of finding a friend, until one day he heard a playful Meow off in the far corner of the graveyard. Eager to have a visitor, the skeleton raced in the direction of were he last heard the sound. Standing on one of his favorite gravestones was what could only be described as an extraordinarily majestic creature. The creature was a half cat, half owl beast known as a Meowl. The Meowl also knew what it was like to be alone (after all he was an extraordinary creature and other creatures often fear what they can't explain). The 2 kindred spirits became fast friends and can still to this day be seen roaming the teeny tiny graveyard grounds, laughing and passing the time together.

TNT Plastic – Candy Corn Snalien and Gargoyle Milton

TNT Plastic has announced the released of two new resin that will drop over the next week or so.

The Candy Corn Snalien will be released on Wednesday October 16th 2019. This will be an initial drop - to get them in your hands in time for Halloween - with a final drop on Halloween for those who miss it. These digitally sculpted and 3D printed figures will glow in the dark.

Also, the Gargoyle Milton figure will drop on Sunday October 13th 2019 at 1PM ET. This figure will be available to purchase for $13.00.

Junk Fed x Cassie Hart – Balance

With a quote from Richard Adams' Watership Down, Junk Fed and Cassie Hart have introduced a new resin collaboration. Based on Cassie Hart's signature black rabbit, Balance is 4.25-inch tall resin figure that has been hand cast from an original Junk Fed sculpt and hand painted by Cassie herself.

The Balance resin debuts at DragonCon in Atlanta (August 29 - September 2) at Cassie’s booth #B22 in Artist Alley 4th floor of AmericasMart, Building 2. For those who can't make DragonCon, Junk Fed (via their above link) will simultaneously open online pre-orders on Thursday, August 29th 2019 at 10PM ET. This resin will be a limited edition of 40 pieces and will run $75.00 each.

Mr Blank Toys – I’ll Be Bach

Mr Blank Toys has released the third figure in his Bach Series - I'll Be Bach 3 (Liquid Metal Colorway). Limited to a run of 5 pieces, this 4-inch tall hand crafted resin figure comes carded. The mashup of Johann Sebastian Bach and the T-800 (from Terminator 2), this Model T-1750 can be purchased for $65.00 plus shipping.

“A killing machine from the future, Model T-1750. Sent tot he distant past by future Tannens to pose as German composer and musician Johann Sebastian Bach. It’s mission: To destroy the Brown family bloodline once and for all! After a great battle it ends up frozen in Carbonite and lost in some galaxy far far away. But now it’s Bach, in the future (which is really the past for us), possibly even in some alternate reality, and it’s impersonating the Doc Brown of 2015… Oh no!”

Taylored Curiosities – Butterpillars

Taylored Curiosities has released several new Butterpillars into the world. 

Butterpillars are the result of my experimentation using Butterfly DNA. On attempting to give them human intelligence I somehow stopped the development to the 'fly' stage of their life. They do become beautifully patterned but never grow big enough wings, and therefore never become Butterflies, they instead stay as Butterpillars. After an accident in the lab, hundreds escaped and I now spend most of my time trying to locate them and find them good homes.

Limited to an edition of 5 handmade pieces, these little critters have been hand-cast from an original sculpt and each one is hand painted. They measure just under 1-inch tall and 1.5 inches wide. You can pick them up now for£20.00 (about $25.00).

Not Very Smart Bomb GID by Resin Rookie

Tenacious Toys is releasing a new exclusive - the Not Very Smart Bomb GID by Resin Rookie - today (Monday August 12th 2019) at Noon ET. This handmade resin figure measures approximately 4 inches tall. It's a GID piece, with both the bomb and wick (which is held on via magnet) glow-in-the-dark.  This Tenacious Toys exclusive blue color way is limited to a run of only 10 pieces. You'll be able to pick them up for $45.00 each.

Taylored Curiosities – Subconscious Dwellings

Taylored Curiosities has added a few of the Subconscious Dwellings to her online store. These are functional pieces of art that can be used as dollhouses - or therapy play pieces - or simply to display designer toys and dolls. Each house (approximately 9 inches in height) is one of a kind and completely unique as are all the interiors and removable furnishings - including the working light.

"Subconscious Dwellings is my personal exploration of our inner minds. We are all unique and therefore it makes sense that our subconscious minds are also unique."

You can currently pick one of these up for £120.00 each (about $150).

Backcountry – Orby – The Hunting Vol. 4

Backcountry's ORBY Invasion is set for Friday July 26th 2019. The Hunting Vol. 4 will feature 12 ORBYs available via their online shop. They'll be available in various styles (Tricky, Creepy, Tiny, etc), as can be seen in the above photo. These will be priced at ¥7000 each (about $65.00).