Madui Maduisha Art Toy

Zinkete has released a small run of the Madui Masuisha Art Toys. The 4.75-inch tall resin collectible is limited to a run of 10 pieces (numbered and signed). These are … Read More

Flaw Toys – Balloon Boy Drop

Flaw Toys will be dropping three new pieces this Friday – December 18th 2020 – at 11AM ET. A trio of Balloon Boy resin pieces, each one measuring 10 inches in … Read More

Last Knight: Checkmate

Andrew Bell has released a new batch of hand-cast resin Last Knight: Checkmate figures. Available for the first time outside of a convention, these pieces stand 3.75 inches tall and … Read More

Tequila Sunrise Snalien

TNT Plastic is teaming up with artist Schl0 to release their Tequila Sunrise Snalien. Slated to be available from TNT at 3PM ET on November 6th 2020, the run is … Read More

Skelly Snalien Release

On this Friday – October 23rd 2020 – at 3PM ET, TNT Plastic will be releasing the Skelly Snalien resin figure over at their shop. The 4-inch tall piece is … Read More

Stitchbit – A Nightmare On Elm Street NES Cross-stitch Wall Art

Bryan over at Stitchbit is running a huge Halloween/Horror themed sale over at his Etsy shop this October. He will be dropping a bunch of these throughout the month, with … Read More

Anatoma Stranger – Icy Crystal (Glow in the Dark)

Flawtoys has released their Anatoma Stranger – Icy Crystal (Glow in the Dark) colorway today. The 7-inch tall resin figure is limited to a run of 40 pieces worldwide. The Strangers are … Read More

Tenacious Exclusive Carl 5 MV1 Slobot

The Slobots will be hitting the Tenacious Toys shop at Noon ET on Friday September 4th 2020. Their first exclusive Slobot figure will be the Carl 5 MV1. Carl stands 4.5 … Read More

Nordic Lucky Cat – Northern (Black) Lights Edition

Tenacious Toys has announced another exclusive colorway of The Toy Viking’s Nordic Lucky Cat resin figure: the Northern (Black) Lights Edition. The Nordic Lucky Cats are 4-inch tall resin figures designed by … Read More

8 Dragons – Rong-K

With his first toy release, graffiti artist SubyOne is mixing Vietnamese myths and legends to tell us the story of the 8 Dragons. Rong-K is one of the 8 sons of … Read More

Anatoma Stranger – Rose Moon

Flawtoys will be releasing a new Anatoma Stranger colorway called Rose Moon (Glow in the Dark). The handmade figure measures 7 inches tall and is limited to a run of 35 … Read More

Mini Stranger – Stellar Dreams and Rosecast Stranger Release

Flawtoys is releasing two different toys in a few different colorways starting tomorrow (Thursday May 21st 2020) at 11AM ET via their webshop.  The Mini Stranger – Stellar Dreams measures 3.2 … Read More

The 3D Hero – Bonnieception Release

Tenacious Toys is teaming up with The 3D Hero to release a new triple-cast resin figure and a patch today – March 6th 2020 – at 11:30AM ET. The triple-cast … Read More

We Become Monsters – ShuffleCreeps

We Become Monsters has announced the upcoming release of the ShuffleCreeps. Measuring between 8 and 10 inches in height, the figures feature faux-fur, polyurethane, acrylic, mechanical parts, and uses 3x … Read More