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SDCC13: UNKL – Hamz

UNKL Hamz Plush SDCC13

UNKL will be releasing an exclusive plush at San Diego Comic Con 2013. The guys known for their vinyl robots are going a little soft on us...or something like that.

Hamz of the UniPo “Krit’rz” series will be at the Toynami Booth (#3229).

Also, later this year, they’ll be releasing “Beebeez” of the same plush series. Picture below in case you'd like to see it...but it won't be available at SDCC.

UNKL BeeBeez Plush

SDCC10: Toynami Booth

IMG 2238

Amongst the Comic Con bedlam was the Toynami booth with some interesting lines. First off, we saw the return of UNKL Brand with the revealing of several new lines - Gastro-Normous, SearchR and Dreamers. And if you like Futurama...Toynami had both action figure and plush lines based on the license. And with what might be of interest (or horror) to vinyl collectors is The Canmans line.

Booth Favorite: Gastro-Normous
It was good to see some new designs from UNKL. Gastro-Normous was my favorite of the trio, even though it strays a little from UNKL's recent robot-theme trend.


DC x UNKL Double Label Project Graph + Sug‏


When DC decided to re-launch the Graph shoe, SUG caught wind of it and
wanted to be a part of it. So, he contacted his mates at UNKL and
suggested they do a limited edition glow-in-the-dark SUG figure and
shoe combination package with DC. SUG has since become a big
skateboarder, in fact at 7 foot 7, he may be the biggest skater on the
planet. He is now cruising around his native Iceland rocking the only
skate shoe he owns, a size 26 DC Graph. With only 450 DC X UNKL Double
Label™ Graph and SUG
packs available these are going to hit the streets
and be gone. (Retail: $ 260.00 for the pack)

The release event will take place on Friday, January 23rd from 6PM until 9PM at 5&A Dime during the AGENDA tradeshow in San Diego.

5&A Dime
701 8th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101


UNKL’s Mak.Po at SDCC…got that?


UNKL's much-anticipated MaK.Po will release at their San Diego Comic Con booth in late July 2008

A nod to Kow Yokoyama's esteemed Maschinen Krieger figures, UNKL had the opportunity to present their idea for MaK.Po to Yokoyama in mid-2006.  With Yokoyama's blessing, MaK.Po was created.  Two years later, after dozens of production challenges, MaK.Po is now good to go.  The ten-inch interpretation of Yokoyama's figures is the UNKL-ized version of the ultimate superhuman fighting suit.  All MaK.Po figures come complete with a three-inch HazMaPo (the smallest Haz yet), interchangeable arms, rocket propelled grenade launcher, rocket pack, propeller and cushy velvet interior.

The piece will be limited to a run of 400 green and only 100 orange figures.  We haven't found out if all or maybe one of the colorways will be made available at SDCC.  But it's nice to see a release date for what is definitely be UNKL's best project to date.