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Defcon SUG Version 2


UNKL Brand has revealed 2 new colorways for their popular SUG line of vinyl figure.  The Defcon Version 2 should be available this April 1st...and I"m not foolin' you.

UNKL’s Ipecac Toy Subscription


When you're thinking about Christmas presents, this is probably much better than being enrolled in the fruit of the month club.  UNKL decided to set up their Ipecac Recordings line as a monthly subscription.  So you can sign up for the entire line ($100) and then be surprised once a month when you receive the UniPo figure as well as a "show poster"

Adio’s Limited Edition UniPo


UNKLbrand has teamed up with Adio
to bring shoe and toy fanatics 1,000 pairs of UNKL-designed
Adio Limited Projects Drayton SL shoes.  Each pair will be distributed worldwide,
and packaged with their very-own Adio + UNKL UniPo figure.

Ipecac Series of UniPos


I only thought that ipecac was that lovely syrup used in YouTube videos to induce vomiting and play practical jokes on your friends. Apparently, there is also and independent record label called Ipecac Recordings run by former Faith No More frontman Mike Patton.  (I think Epic would crack my top 25 list of favorite songs)

So...UNKL teamed up with Ipecac Recordings to create a line of UniPos that will be released monthly over the span of one year (2008).  Each figure will be released individually with a run of 500 pieces per design.  The designs above are in order of release with the Ipecac Recordings UniPo released in January and the Peeping Tom released in December.

UniPo Skeleton Series


UNKL has announced two additions to their UniPo line.  You might recognize the design from UniPo Series 4.  It was apparently so popular, that they've launched a Skeleton Series.  The pink colorway is limited to 200 pieces and will be exclusively through UNKL's website, while the silver version will be available at retailers and limited to a run of 500 pieces.

SDCC 2007: UNKL Brand (Booth #4633)


UNKL was showing off their new Wilco UniPo Set at Comic Con.  The six piece set depicts all of the members of the Alt.Country band.  Collectors also got a chance to pick up the SDCC Exclusive HazMaPo as well as the new Carbon Series.  And to round out the new releases were two new SUG and Ulligus combos: Urban Recovery and Search & Rescue.

2007 SDCC coverage sponsored by Max Toy Co


UniPoker from UNKL Brand


UNKL will end up kicking off their fall lines this coming October with the release of their UniPoker set.  UNKL is combining playing card characters with their popular UniPo line of miniature vinyl figures.  The Joker, Jack, Queen and King will be randomly packed inside collectible tin box (alongside a set of actual playing cards).  Look for them to retail for around $25 each.

SUG and Ulligus Series from UNKL


UNKL's newest SUG and Ulligus figures will make their debut at this year's San Diego Comic Con.  It's been about two years since we first saw the introduction of the first SUGs at Comic Con 2005, and it will be the very first time that the public gets to peek at the completed Ulligus figure.

The yellow SDCC colorway is called the Urban Recovery Series and is limited to 40 pieces each.  The orange colorway is called the Search & Rescue Series with a run of 250 pieces.


UNKL Unveils SDCC Exclusives

Well, we knew about the Wilco UniPo 6-pack, but UNKL has now released a schedule with all of their exclusives.  I'm not sure if I like the whole "release a different exclusive every day" thing, but it assures you that everything doesn't sell out preview night.  For someone who isn't going to the show every day, I guess they need to pick and choose.

Here's the schedule:

Thursday July 26th - Wilco UniPo 6-pack (200 sets)


Friday July 27 - Urban Recovery SUG & Ulligus (40 pieces)
                       Search & Rescue SUG & Ulligus (250 pieces)


Saturday July 28 - Debut of HazMaPo Carbon Series (250 of each)
                             SDCC '07 Exclusive HazMaPo (40 pieces)


UniPo: The Fan Series


UNKL's UniPo-By-You Contest netted over four hundred entries (from 18 different
countries).  They sifted through the entries until they were blue in the face. The folks at UNKL couldn't just pick
one, so they chose four.  The winning entries are being called "The Fan
.  These little buggers,
designed by four immensely talented UNKL fans - Peter Creten, Chatal
, Scott Rench and Raul Villares - will hit stores in late 2007.