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UniPo Series 3 and 4


UNKL Brand has announced that their 2" tall UniPo figures (Series 3 and 4) are now available.   There are also a limited number of 6"-ers available through their webstore. 

What’s The World Got In Store

Wilcounkl might be a little early to be looking ahead to San Diego Comic Con...but UNKL has released an image of one of their exclusive sets.  Being a fan of Jeff Tweedy's work since he led Uncle Tupelo, it's great to hear that he is a fan of designer toys.  Apparently, he likes himself some UNKL products.  They discussed doing a set of 6 figures representing Wilco's band members...and voila!  The 2" tall UniPo figures will be packaged as a six pack set.


Make Your Best 30 Second Movie


You could get 30 seconds of $500 for filming your most creative JunPo movie.  UNKL is asking for you to mail in a DVD explaining the "JunPo way".  The first place winner will get a nice paycheck, while the top 3 will receive a special showing on their website.

12″ Kow Yokoyama HazMaPo


If you're at NY Comic con this weekend, you'll want to check out UNKL's newest figure...available at the Toy Tokyo booth.  It's the only shot you have of picking up Kow Yokoyama's 12" tall HazMaPo.  There are only 250 of these green and silver figures available, so they will most likely sell out at the show.

Design a UniPo Contest


Do your thing: create art for a UniPo anyway you’d like and send it to UNKL by either email or snail mail.  They’ll pick their favorite from the submissions and do a production run of them. You’ll get a case (20) of them to enjoy and UNKL will get to spread your UniPo all over the world.

Go to: for a downloadable pdf
Email to:
Snail mail to:
UNKL - UniPo Contest
1631 NW Thurman St. Ste 150
Portland, OR 97209

Offsite with UNKL Brand


Derek Welch and Jason Bacon, from UNKL Brand, have been asked to chat about the wide world of design and vinyl toys at an upcoming Core77 Offsite event.

Hosted by Portland's own design gurus, Katsu Tanaka and Michael
, the event will take place on Thursday, Feb. 8 from 6 to 9 pm
at Someday Lounge. The guys will chat about the cast of UNKL
characters, the world of vinyl toys and
about their design firm, Big-Giant. And there's an open bar. No kidding.


Thursday Feb 8, 2007 from 6 - 9 PM
Someday Lounge
125 NW 5th Avenue
Portland, Oregon

HazMaPo: UNKL and Kow Yokoyama


UNKL has teamed up with Kow Yokoyama, whose artwork inspired the amazing HazMaPo figure above.  "With some silhouettes of Kow’s  Maschinen Krieger figures and vessels we created a “Kamo” to map onto our core character – the HazMaPo." At 12" in height, this giant figure will first be available at Toy Tokyo's New York Comic Con Booth...that's February 23rd

UniPo Series 4: Fright Night


You have a few months to get set for a little taste of Halloween.  This Spring, UNKL will be releasing the latest series of mischevious four 2" tall UniPo figures.  Series 4 is entitled Fright Night (for obvious reasons). At this rate...UNKL might release 20 series in 2007.