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UniPo Series 3 Blasts Off!


UNKLBrand has introduced the latest line of UniPo figures (Series 3) - well before their eventual Winter 2007 release.  The 2" tall line of 4 figures takes on the look of spacemen dressed up in their space-like suits.  These should be a hit when they are releaed...remember to add them to your holiday list for next year.

12″ HazMaPo from UNKL


UNKL Brand is blowing up the much sought after HazMaPo 300% of the normal size.  Launching on January 1st, these HazMaPo figures will be 12" in height.  The 'Peligro' model - shown above - is the first of many super-sized figures.   

For the graphics, we went back to our roots – the hazardous signage we love so much.  Warning labels (in Spanish and English) wrap the entire body of HazMaPo while the starry eye watches all.  It’s a big statement for people who want to make a point.

6″ Tinpo Figures


Tinpo just keeps getting bigger...literally!  The folks at UNKL Labs decided to make slight modifications to their prized gerbil DNA and this was the result: Big ol’ tinpos!

At 6" in height, these tinpo figures are 300% the size of the normal tinpo you might just have sitting on your shelf.  They won't be released until December 1st (less than a week away) and would make great stocking stuffers depending on how large your stockings are.  It appears that UNKL is going big with a number of their lines...gotta like that!

UniPo Series 2 Released


UNKL Brand has launched the 2nd line of their uber-popular UniPo series.  Series 2 includes 4 figures that are 2" in height (the same as series numero uno) and run about $8 a piece.  Oh!  Plus UNKL has released a 6" UniPo figure (300% the normal size).  The larger figure is limited to only 100 pieces, priced at $39.99 and has a slightly different color scheme.  (Thanks to Jeff Bell for pointing that out!)

REVIEW: JunPo from UNKL Brand



One of the newest, and coolest, product lines from UNKL Brand is the known as JunPo.  The initial wave contains 3 rotocast vinyl figures that stand around 6” in height.

The JunPo came out of the shadows just after the turn of the millennium confirming the presence and vowing to continue to protect the human race from the very thing that threatens its existence – greed.  These self proclaimed public servants have always been made up of working class laborers with little stake in the world around them.  Throughout time they have hidden within unremarkable lives while secretly performing remarkable services that our privileged leaders refused to do or acknowledge.  As a result, the JunPo utilize highly specialized skills and an impressive knowledge base bout the world’s strategic locations and government organizations.


Currently, only 3 members have come forward as spokesmen for the organization: AXL (blue), TRAN (green) and RAJ (orange).  Axl specializes in deep sea search, rescue and recovery.  Tran concentrates his focus on urban chemical warfare.  And Raj is the mole of the group, searching and exploring underground.

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UniPo From UNKL


is set it release Series 1 of UniPo figures next month.  Two weeks later...Series 2 will be hitting store shelves.  I'm sure these 2" tall figures will be just as popular as past UNKL figures.  Also, look out for UniPo's 6" limited edition big brother.