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Clark Gregg visit Sixth-Scale Agent Coulson at SDCC

Hot Toys Agent Coulson Clark Gregg 3
Hot Toys Agent Coulson Clark Gregg 2

At San Diego Comic Con, Hot Toys was honored to have Clark Gregg stop by their showcase at the Sideshow booth. He was there to check out the collectibles they had on display, and he autographed some posters for the upcoming highly-anticipated Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D TV series that will hit this fall.

Hot Toys Agent Coulson Clark Gregg 1

SDCC13: Monster Worship

MW SDCC Cannibal Fuckface

Monster Worship has announced their San Diego Comic Con schedule. Today (Friday July 19th 2013) from 2PM to 4PM, you can gather 'round the Dragatomi Booth #5350. (You can pick up a ticket before then, as random #'s will be chosen for your ordering priority)

While not all releases have available photos (apparently a lot of these items are hot off the presses...or assembly line...or whatever), all of the details can be found below.

black heksen - Glow In The Dark painted vinyl
Cast in GID vinyl with grey, red and black paint accents. The Black Heksen figure, a collaboration between Monster Worship and Dwid Hellion. It includes dagger and staff accessories. $70.00

Cannibal Fuckface - Hawaiian Colorway
(Pictured above) Johnny Ryan's figure includes a slorge accessory. The colorway is done in pink vinyl with metallic purple, red, yellow, & silver paint accents. MW's bastardization of the classic Hawaiian colorway. $85.00

Rottweiler Herpes - Hawaiian Colorway
(Pictured below) Another Johnny Ryan piece, features the same color scheme as the Hawaiian Cannibal Fuckface. $85.00

MECHA Greasebat
The mecha version of Greasebat from Jeff Lamm and Monster Worship, first painted version. It includes switchable right fists (non-firing rocket & spikeball). $95.00

Colorway and Price: TBA

Colorway: TBA

Semi Korosiya
Colorway and Price: TBA
Monster Worship will be teaming up with Cop a Squat Toys to release a MW colorway of Semi Korosiya.

MW SDCC Rottweiler Herpes

SDCC13: Shaky Bacons from Mr Toast

Mr Toast Pretty in Plastic Shaky Bacon

Pretty in Plastic and Dan Godsell have collaborated on these limited edition hand-painted Shaky Bacons for San Diego Comic Con. Available at Mr. Toast's Booth #5250, they will be available for $45.00 each.

SDCC13: Super7

Super7 SDCC

Super7 has revealed their entire San Diego Comic Con lineup of vinyl toys that will be available at Booth #5245.

Exclusives include:

Crystal-Mecha "First Strike"
Foster "Glitter Grape"
Doku Duo "Orange Fizz"
Zombie Fighter "Mixed Up Massacre"
Little Prick "Late Night"
Fossilla "Raids Again"
Zagaturd "Super Misty Bros"
Leroy C "Pink Passion"

Honoo "Nightfire"
Mummy Gator "Creamy Filling"
Caveman Dinosaur "Prehistoric Punch"
Monoghost "Underworld"
Mystery Micro 2-Packs - Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire
Pocket Baseball Boy "Padres Tribute" - Classic and Modern
Pocket Rose Vampire "Tangerine Terror"

And they'll also allow you to pre-order a complete set of five ALIEN ReAction Figures during the convention, which will allow you to get the free Early Bird Package.

Super7 Alien Reaction

SDCC Cavey – Con and Non Con

Cavey Con and Non Con

Holly Stanway will be releasing the Super Duper Caped Cavey in Blue (SDCC 2013 Exclusive) and Pink (Non Con). Both colorways are limited to 15 handpainted pieces. Each includes a little hand cut felt cape.

The Blue Vinyl Caped Cavey is available from the Dragatomi Booth #5350 for $30.00.

The Pink Vinyl Caped Cavey will be available at the Cavey Shop beginning at 8PM BST (3PM ET) on Thursday July 18th 2013. It will run £18.00 (around $27).

SDCC13: Dumbrella and Andrew Bell

Andrew Bell SDCC

Andrew Bell will be debuting the "Clear Envy" Edition Dealmaker sofubi as well as the Blue Edition of Can of Worms. There will also be plush toys, a selection of Android figures, Lucky Cats and more.

SDCC13: Peikko & KiLL!

SDCC Sparkle Parasitoids

This year at SDCC, KiLL! is releasing several different versions of the Parasitoid vinyl figure. These include the San Diego Sparkle Parasitoids at $35.00 each, and three different unpainted versions at $30.00 each (Pale Dick, Dark Poop, and Weird Denim - yep, those are their real names), and a micro run of Lil' Hedos (SDCC Lil' Hedo) at $10.00 each.

SDCC Pale Dick Dark Poop Weird Denim Parasitoids

Also, they'll be debuting a 2-pack of kitbash resculpt micro figures by KiLL! and Virva Peikko. This $15.00 DIY white 2-pack includes both Gladys and Berzerker Flatwoods figures, a mini comic with some other goodies.

SDCC Gladys Berzerker Flatwoods

These items will be available at the Lulubell Toy Bodega Booth #5045, along with the Murskata Luut - a 5', one of a kind sculpture created by The Katerpillar: the collaborative efforts of KiLL! and Virva Peikko. They will also have 3 free limited edition promo cards and free buttons as well.

SDCC Murskata Luut

There will be a very limited amount of these available online at KiLL!'s webshop  during SDCC.

SDCC Pale Dick Dark Poop Weird Denim Parasitoids

SDCC13: Vannen Releases 2 New Watches

Vannen SDCC

Skybound Entertainment and Vannen are teaming up to release two special limited edition watches at San Diego Comic Con 2013. The Walking Dead is getting its fourth special edition watch, and there will be a first release for Robert Kirkman's long-running superhero comic, Invincible.

The Walking Dead "Horde" watch is limited to 500 pieces, and it's the first Vannen timepiece with glow-in-the-dark detail (GID hands and index markings on the inside of the crystal). Each "Horde" watch, and hand-numbered sleeve, features artwork by Charlie Adlard and comes with an exclusive sticker.

The Invincible "Hero" watch is limited to 300 pieces, and it's the first Vannen watch produced for Invincible. Featuring wrap-around artwork by Ryan Ottley, the packaging for each "Hero" watch also comes hand-numbered.

The Walking Dead "Horde" watch will retail for $75.00, and the Invincible "Hero" watch will retail for $85.00. Both will be available only at the Skybound Booth #2729.

SDCC13: Flat Bonnie

Flat Bonnie will have two plush toys available at exclusively via the Giant Robot Booth #1729 at San Diego Comic Con.

FlatBonnie BatBun SDCC

The first is Flat Bonnie in costume as BatBun. The 12" tall handmade plush is a signed and numbered edition of 10 pieces. It features a special Giant Robot/Comic-Con sewn in tag and hangtag, aBatBun Postcard, a button and a sticker. All for $40.00.

Flat Bonnie ShelBun SDCC

The second is Flat Bonnie in costume as her favorite T.V. scientist ShelBun. This 12" handmade plush is signed and numbered edition of 25 pieces. It features a special Giant Robot/Comic-Con sewn in tag and hangtag, a Flat Bonnie postcard, a button and a sticker. All for $25.00.

SDCC13: Nathan Hamill’s “Über States of Imperica”

Nathan Hamill Uber States of Imperica Print

Nathan Hamill will have a print for SDCC that will be included with the Strife & Sire vinyl.

The "Über States of Imperica" is an 8.5" x 11" print, limited to an edition of 50 pieces. It's included with the Strife & Sire: Super Soldier Edition, which can be purchased at the 3DRetro Booth #5051. Nathan will be signing there on Saturday July 20th 2013 at 2PM.