MW SDCC Cannibal Fuckface

Monster Worship has announced their San Diego Comic Con schedule. Today (Friday July 19th 2013) from 2PM to 4PM, you can gather 'round the Dragatomi Booth #5350. (You can pick up a ticket before then, as random #'s will be chosen for your ordering priority)

While not all releases have available photos (apparently a lot of these items are hot off the presses...or assembly line...or whatever), all of the details can be found below.

black heksen - Glow In The Dark painted vinyl
Cast in GID vinyl with grey, red and black paint accents. The Black Heksen figure, a collaboration between Monster Worship and Dwid Hellion. It includes dagger and staff accessories. $70.00

Cannibal Fuckface - Hawaiian Colorway
(Pictured above) Johnny Ryan's figure includes a slorge accessory. The colorway is done in pink vinyl with metallic purple, red, yellow, & silver paint accents. MW's bastardization of the classic Hawaiian colorway. $85.00

Rottweiler Herpes - Hawaiian Colorway
(Pictured below) Another Johnny Ryan piece, features the same color scheme as the Hawaiian Cannibal Fuckface. $85.00

MECHA Greasebat
The mecha version of Greasebat from Jeff Lamm and Monster Worship, first painted version. It includes switchable right fists (non-firing rocket & spikeball). $95.00

Colorway and Price: TBA

Colorway: TBA

Semi Korosiya
Colorway and Price: TBA
Monster Worship will be teaming up with Cop a Squat Toys to release a MW colorway of Semi Korosiya.

MW SDCC Rottweiler Herpes

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