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DCON18: Camille Rose Garcia x Pretty In Plastic – Pierre St. Claire

Made in Los Angeles by Pretty In Plastic (sculpted by Julie B.) and designed (and hand-painted) by artist Camille Rose Garcia, the Pierre St. Claire First Edition will be released at Designer Con 2018 this coming weekend. This version will be available as a limited edition of 13 pieces. Each 10-inch tall figure is a unique piece hand painted by Camille, adorned with a handmade scarf, packaged into a custom box, and paired with a certificate of authenticity and a giclee print of Pierre St. Claire and the Cats of the Midnight Moon.

You can pick up the complete package for $777.00 at Booth #1319.

Dave Pressler – Shut Up and Draw!

In addition to working with Pretty in Plastic building robots and prepping for his upcoming show at Lancaster’s Museum of Art History (MOAH), Dave Pressler has announced the upcoming release of his limited edition, hand-painted, desk size figure, who commands you to... Shut Up and Draw!

Based on one of Dave's robot designs and best selling enamel pin, the 8-inch tall 3D-printed figure will be a limited edition of 50 pieces (includes a signed certificate of authenticity as well as an 8-inch x 10-inch silkscreen print). The figures will be available for pre-sale beginning on Friday July 13th 2018 at Noon PT. They will sell for $280.00 each.

Blood Red Bullheaded Release

Brian M. Viveros x Pretty In Plastic have announced the release details for their Blood Red Bullheaded bust. This mini version of 'Bullheaded’ measures just under 12 inches tall and is designed to mount directly onto your wall.

With an edition size of 13 pieces, this collectible will go up for sale from Pretty In Plastic on Friday February 16th 2018 at 10AM PST. Available in a set, you will also receive the You Get The Horns original Giclee print (8.5 inches x 11 inches) and the Brian M. Viveros die-cut sticker set (includes: 1942, Afterdeath, and Cleopatra).

You can pick up the set for $550.00 plus shipping.

DCON16: Henry and Glenn “Lil’ Wrestlin’ Muscle-Punks”


Pretty in Plastic has announced that, after much anticipation, Henry & Glenn Forever (the love story to end all love stories) is jumping from the comic book page into the real world, just in time for DesignerCon 2016. The Henry and Glenn “Lil’ Wrestlin’ Muscle-Punks” official release will take place at DCon 2016. 

Tom Neely teamed up with Ramirez Studios and Pretty in Plastic to create Henry (2.75 inches tall) & Glenn (2 inches tall) action figures; designed by Tom Neely and produced by Ramirez Studios and Pretty in Plastic. You'll be able to pick up the Original Color-way First Pulls and the D-Con Exclusive Black "We are 138" (limited to 138 pieces) signed and numbered by the artist. The DCon special pricing is $10.00/each (Regularly priced at $15.00/each).

And...yeah...they're supposed to be Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.



REVIEW: reddit’s Snoo


Even if you’re not a frequent user, most people have likely visited Likely you’ve checked out one of the celebrity AMAs (Ask Me Anything). And if you’ve seen the site, you’re probably familiar with reddit’s logo – a little black and white alien.


At some point in time, that little reddit alien was actually given a name – Snoo. Of course, someone would hear the name and say “Hey! What’s Snoo?” And then they’d get caught up in an Abbott ad Costello routine for ten or so minutes.

Actually, the creators of reddit intended to name the site Snoo for that very exact reason…but someone already had that URL…they didn’t have the money to purchase the domain name…and the rest is history.


With reddit celebrating their 10th anniversary, they’ve revealed Snoovatars for reddit gold folks (basically a customizable Snoo avatar). More importantly for collectors, they’ve released a few toys based on the character. The first toy, a collaboration with Pretty In Plastic, is the official vinyl Snoo in both OG and DIY colorways.


Each 3-inch tall rotocast vinyl Snoo features a single point of articulation at the neck. The difference between the two versions is that one has a painted mouth, antenna, and eyes…and the other is blank white waiting for your (un)artistic touch.

Both vinyl figures retail at $8.99 each. Snce the box states Series 1, I wouldn’t be surprised if there might be a Series 2 out at some point. Possibly wishful thinking, but with the amount of customized and special event Snoo artwork out there…I think they could pluck enough designs to maybe fill out a blind box series.


In addition to vinyl, they’ve teamed up with the folks from Squishable to release a giant, huggable plush Snoo. Available in two sizes, 15-inch and 27-inch, the Squishable Snoo resembles reddit’s alien mascot if it went on a month-long junk food binge.

The Squishable plush is shaped like a large ball. It makes an excellent pillow, and my kids have taken to kicking it around the house like a giant white soccer ball. There’s a fairly large discrepancy in price between the 15” and 27” versions, so I’d probably go with the smaller one if your kids are going to be doing their best Pelé impersonation. 

The Facts

Reddit - Snoo
Manufacturer: Vinyl – Pretty In Plastic; Plush - Squishable
Dimensions: Vinyl – 3” tall; Plush – 15” or 27”
Points of Articulation: Vinyl - 1 (neck)
Designs: Vinyl - Regular; DIY
Pricing: Vinyl - $8.99; 15” Plush – $42.00; 27” Plush - $142.00

You can pick one up at the following:

reddit market: Vinyl - $8.99; 15” Plush - $42.00; 27” Plush - $142.00

Jack – from Luke Chueh and Pretty In Plastic


Pretty in Plastic is collaborating with artist Luke Chueh to release the limited edition multiple sculpture Jack. It will officially be released online on January 13th 2015, directly from Pretty in Plastic’s new curated online gallery Strange Love. It's available as a limited edition fine art multiple of 10 pieces in glossy white with chrome silver Antlers. Jack is a cast resin sculpture coated in a UV archival finish with a gloss black wooden base. It measures 22-inches long by 13-inches wide and weighs 7 lbs. Each sculpture comes with a plaque on the reverse side of the sculpture and is signed and numbered by the artist.

There will be three pieces released via the Strange Love site between December 17th and 22nd (so there might be one available right now). Each Jack sculpture runs $2,000.00 plus shipping.

Satori Kappa from Dave Dick


Satori Kappa

The Kappa is one of Japan’s yokai and are said to inhabit the country’s rivers and streams.
Legendary trouble makers, Kappa are responsible for everything from general harassment to drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and the ravishing of women. Now, not all Kappa are mischievous, murdering, kidnappers. Throughout history there have been some who have befriended human beings, helping and even teaching them.

Satori Kappa was designed and sculpted by artist Dave Dick. It was cast in resin and finished by the folks at Pretty in Plastic. The completed figure will be signed, numbered, and limited to a run of only 40 pieces.

Also, Dave will be holding a away one free Satori Kappa figure to one of his followers on Instagram on release day.

Luke Chueh makes you rethink a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Pretty In Plastic is offering up a sneak peek at the full reveal of Luke Chueh's "Bitch". It's something that you'll never be able to un-see...and I blame myself for searing this image into the deep recesses of your brain. OR you can blame these's produced by Munky King and sculpted by Pretty In Plastic.

SDCC13: Shaky Bacons from Mr Toast

Mr Toast Pretty in Plastic Shaky Bacon

Pretty in Plastic and Dan Godsell have collaborated on these limited edition hand-painted Shaky Bacons for San Diego Comic Con. Available at Mr. Toast's Booth #5250, they will be available for $45.00 each.

Kammu: Bronze Edition Pre-Order

Nathan Hamill Kammu Bronze Edition 1

"Inspired by bravery and honor, wisdom and strength.
Protector of the Fates."

Nathan Hamill is currently taking pre-orders for his Kammu: Bronze Edition. Produced by Pretty in Plastic, the 3.25" tall is limited to a run of only 30 pieces. If you're interested, you can pre-order one for $125.00 via the above link.

Nathan Hamill Kammu Bronze Edition 3
Nathan Hamill Kammu Bronze Edition 2