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SDCC13: Blamoville’s “The Knights of the Rainbow”

Blamo Knights of the Rainbow SDCC 4

San Diego Comic Con is approaching fast, and Blamo Toys is excited to reveal what they have in store for the show. This year, as in previous years, long time Blamo collaborator Mikie Graham has created a special run of one of a kind customs, this year working with Blamo's popular 6" wooden "Swampy" figure.

Blamoville's "The Knights of the Rainbow"

An ancient Blamoville legend tells the tale of twelve brave Knights of the Rainbow round table and the one golden king who's wisdom and kindness brought the once chaotic swamp lands into the peaceful and pristine existence that all of the citizens of Blamoville enjoy to this very day.

This brightly colored series of custom wooden figures features 12 hand painted Swampys each featuring a newly added point of articulation, a brand new arm sculpt, and its very own removable metal sword. Every "Knight of the Rainbow" comes packaged in its own silk screened and hand-detailed cardboard display box.

Blamo Knights of the Rainbow SDCC 2

In addition, whoever finds the "sword in the stone" accessory inside their box will receive the "Golden King" figure for free!

Each one runs $110.00, which is only $20 more then the basic blank wooden swampy figure.

Blamo Knights of the Rainbow SDCC 3

Blamo would like to remind fans that this is NOT a blind boxed series, which will allow collectors to pick which Swampy they prefer. So if you have your eye on a specific color Swampy make sure to hit up the Dragatomi Booth #5350 as soon as you hit the convention floor on Wednesday's preview night.

Blamo Knights of the Rainbow SDCC 1

SDCC13: Sparrow Debut from Blurble

Blurble Sparrow SDCC 1

Sparrow will be debuting at San Diego Comic Con on Friday July 19th 2013 from 1PM to 3PM at the Lulubell Booth. Blurble will be on hand selling his creation. There will be two different versions being sold: seven of the Blue/Pink (UV reactive) and 7 of the Neon Yellow/Purple swirl mix. Sparrow will run $20.00 and comes with his hat and skateboard. Any leftovers will be put online via the above link.

Blurble Sparrow SDCC 2

SDCC13: Giant Robot


As always, Giant Robot will be bringing some exclusive items to their San Diego Comic Con Booth (#1729). And while I could describe might just be easier to check out all of the flyers.

REMIX PROJECT: Big Boss Robot - Various artists
Mari Inukai and her Nekomitaina Hone
(ed100) with Print (SIGNING)
Yoskay Yamamoto with his Sleepin' Pin Series
Dehara Yukinori mini figures
Scott Wilkowski X Infected Big Boss Robot mini figure
David Horvath Uglydoll Caps and Beanies and new comic

GR SDCC Dehara
GR SDCC Mari Inukai
GR SDCC Yoskay
GR SDCC Wilkowski
GR SDCC Uglydoll

Dan Hipp’s “TOX!” Monster Custom Vinyl at SDCC

Hipp Tox

CS Moore Studio’s Mondo-chi line unleashes a monster of a custom vinyl and art print from illustrator, designer and Teen Titans Go! Art Director Dan Hipp.

“TOX” is a San DiegoComic Con exclusive limited edition of 199 pieces. Each one comes with a collector’s designer box and a print signed by Mr. Hipp. You can order one at The CS Moore Studio website (link above) or pick one up at booth #2800 during San Diego Comic-Con International. $24.99 each.

Dan Hipp will be signing on July 17th 2013 from 6PM to 9PM and July 20th 2013 from Noon to 3PM.

Hipp Tox Print

SDCC13: Maneki Neko Purridge

Furry Feline Maneki Purridge

Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2013 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive - Maneki Neko Purridge. It will be available at Small Press P13.

Limited to only 20 pieces (10 pieces for the white version and 10 pieces for the black), the plush measures 12" tall. Handmade by Cheri Ong, these will be available for $50.00 each.

SDCC13: Max Toy Co

Max Toy Co SDCC

Max Toy Company will have several pieces available at San Diego Comic Con, both at the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi Booth #5248 and the Dragatomi Booth #5350. The above image gives a good breakdown as to what is where.

Also, Mark Nagata will be signing with Javier Jimenez at the Rotofugi booth on Thursday, July 18th 2013 at 2PM.

SDCC13: Plaseebo – Blue Moon

Conge Custom Warui Inu 3
Conge Custom Warui Inu 2

As we've been telling you, Plaseebo will have some customs at the Dragatomi Booth (#5350) at San Diego Comic Con.

The Kaiju Coup Warui Inu custom by Bob Conge is called Blue Moon. This hand painted one-of-a-kind vinyl custom features glass eye inserts and an internal motion activated color changing LED unit. It comes with a chained cinder block. And you can purchase this OOAK signed custom for $375.00.

Conge Custom Warui Inu 1

SDCC13: DKE Toys – Various Collaborations

DKE SDCC infected

DKE Toys (Booth #5045)has several San Diego Comic Con releases with artist Scott Wilkowski. Scott infected a classic Gay Empire figure for this carded Suckadelic collab. The 3-3/4" tall figure comes on screen printed blister card and is limited to a run of 50 pieces.

It will go on sale for $125.00 each on Friday, July 19th 2013 at 2PM. Scott will be signing at the DKE Toys booth on Friday at 5PM and Saturday at Noon.

DKE SDCC Autopsy

Also being released is the Incredible Action Autopsy Adventure by Jason Freeny and Suckadelic. The 3-3/4" figure lives in a bubble on a screen printed card and will be limited to only 50 pieces, running $80.00 each.

DKE SDCC Androids

Finally, the Infected Android, by Scott Wilkowski and Andrew Bell, will be released in 4 editions of 100 pieces each (one for each day of SDCC). Thursday is Clear. Friday is Red. Saturday is Orange. Sunday is Blue. They will retail for $40.00 each.

SDCC13: Hot Toys’ SDCC Teases

Hot Toys Preview 3
Hot Toys Preview 1

Hot Toys is teasing a few items that will be on display at the Sideshow Collectibles San Diego Comic Con (Booth #1929).

Looks to me like these might be Tonto from The Lone Ranger film, the classic Batman Television Series, and Iron Man 3.

Hot Toys Preview 2
Hot Toys Preview 4

SDCC13: Squid Kids Ink

Squid Kids Ink will be releasing (and debuting) several new Limited Edition Mini 10-Doh! figures at San Diego Comic Con Booth #5150. I like how they've set up the info below, so use it as your buying guide.


Eternal Descent: Heavy Metal Heroes
Run Size = 100 pieces
Price = $20.00
Bonus = Free IOS download of the game


Big City - Red
Run Size = 44 pieces
Price = $20.00
Artist = Ragnar


Big City - Black
Run Size = 44 pieces
Price = $20.00
Artist = Ragnar


Bossy Bear - White
Run Size = 90 pieces
Price = $20.00
Artist = David Horvath

SKI SDCC Exclusive Gold

SDCC 2013 - Gold
Run Size = 150 pieces
Price = $20.00

SKI SDC Blu Ice Tombstones

Large 6" Blu Ice 10-Doh! Tombstone
(weighs 1 pound, it's a solid chunk of resin)
Run Size = 10 pieces
Price = $130.00

Mini 3" Blu Ice 10-Doh! Tombstone
Run Size = 25 pieces
Price = $40.00