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SDCC13: Ham x Crooks – Hermees Plush

Ham Crooks Hermees 1

From the team up of Ham and Crooks comes Hermees, a super limited edition designer plush based on the character designed by Gary Ham and hand crafted with extreme detail and love by Lana 'The Plushinator' Crooks. Using fleece and wool with embroidered embellishments and ribbon, this one is a closed edition of 5 pieces.

Ham Crooks Hermees 2

Hermees stands 14" tall with a 17" wingspan and each plush also comes with an etched wooden tag, numbered and signed. Hermees is priced at $200.00 and will be available for purchase at San Diego Comic Con Booth #5139.

Ham Crooks Hermees 3

SDCC13: Uglydoll x Hello Kitty

SDCC13: Plaseebo’s Skulloctopus From Outer Space

Plaseebo Skullo SDCC 1
Plaseebo Skullo SDCC 3

Plaseebo will be at Comic Con over at the Dragatomi Booth (#5350). And here are two more custom one-off customs from the mind of Bob Conge.

One Pink and one Blue Skulloctopus From Outer Space one-off custom...hand painted by Bob Conge, with glass eyes, a clear vinyl head filled with cosmic debris floating in space slime illuminated by an internal motion activated color changing LED unit. You can pick them up for $150.00 each.

Plaseebo Skullo SDCC 2
Plaseebo Skullo SDCC 4

SDCC13: Applehead Factory – Annabelle Wraitha

Applehead sdcc Annabelle

Applehead Factory Design Studio has revealed their 2013 San Diego Comic Con (Booth #4923) special edition 8" doll - the Teddy Scares' Annabelle Wraitha.

They'll also include an Agorables T-shirt and a numbered 1" Teddy Scares Pin with each bear. Priced at $20.00, Annabelle is limited to only 250 pieces.

SDCC13: 3DRetro – CMYK Octopup Sofubi 4-pack

3DRetro CMYK pups SDCC

3DRetro will have Nathan Hamill's CMYK Octopup Sofubi 4-pack at San Diego Comic Con. Each of these little puppies...octopi...Octopups will measure 2 inches tall. Made in Japan, they'll be available for $40.00 each.

SDCC13: DKE – Akashi 5yl Luna Edition


It's been 5 years since the last of Dave Bondi's Akashi vinyl figures was released, and now it's back with a new and improved sculpt. DKE Toys will be bringing the Akashi 5yl Luna Edition to San Diego Comic Con. This special edition is limited to 50 pieces and will retail for $65.00.

Also, Dave Bondi will be signing at 2PM on Saturday, July 20th 2013 at the DKE Booth #5045.

SDCC13: 3DRetro – Clockwork Carrot GID

3DRetro Clockwork GID SDCC

Ben over at 3DRetro has announced another new exclusive that they'll be bringing to San Diego Comic Con (Booth #5051).

This one is Frank Kozik's Clockwork Carrot SDCC Glow-in-the-Dark Edition. Head down with you droogs to the Korova Milk Bar for a bit of the old ultra-violence. Remember to bring a little bit of the pretty-polly, as the 11/25" tall sofubi vinyl figure will run you $140.00 (Only 50 made).

Hot Toys’ Monsters University Deluxe Vinyl Collectible Set

Hot Toys Monsters University Mike Sulley Archie

Hot Toys has revealed another collectible from Disney Pixar’s recent release - Monsters University. The Deluxe Vinyl Collectible Set features the leading characters Mike and Sulley in Monsters University jackets...and the scare pig, Archie. (FYI -  Sulley stands in around 9" in height) Look for it to be released sometime in Q3 2013....yep, that's around now.

SDCC13: Mimoco – 4 New Exclusive Mimobots

Mimoco continues to run down their 2013 San Diego Comic Con releases/exclusives. Four of the latest announcements pretty much have the entire gamut of collectors/enthusiasts covered.

Mimoco Star Wars Chewbacca SDCC

There's the Chewbacca Variant Mimobot, featuring C-3PO in pieces strapped to his back. This one is limited to a run of 1,000 pieces.

Mimoco My Little Pony Fan Favorite

Also, the Fan Favorite My Little Pony Mimobot. Bronies rejoice! 850 of you will be able to pick one up.

Mimoco Adventure Time Ice King

The Adventure Time Ice King Mimobot is sure to warm the cockles of your heart. And there are 850 of them available as well.

Mimoco Legends Bruce Lee

Finally, there's the Bruce Lee Variant Mimobot, featuring a cut up Bruce from some film called Enter The Dragon. Obviously, he has been attacked by a magical dragon. It's limited to 400 pieces.

SDCC13: Retro Outlaw – Exclusive Evel Fett

Retro Outlaw Evel Fett SDCC13

Retro Outlaw will be at San Diego Comic Con (Booth #929) with their exclusive edition of Evel Fett. The 12" tall red white and blue edition comes with a removable cape and swagger stick. It's limited to 300 pieces, with the first 150 people getting a limited edition screen print. You'll be able to purchase one for $120.00.