SDCC Sparkle Parasitoids

This year at SDCC, KiLL! is releasing several different versions of the Parasitoid vinyl figure. These include the San Diego Sparkle Parasitoids at $35.00 each, and three different unpainted versions at $30.00 each (Pale Dick, Dark Poop, and Weird Denim - yep, those are their real names), and a micro run of Lil' Hedos (SDCC Lil' Hedo) at $10.00 each.

SDCC Pale Dick Dark Poop Weird Denim Parasitoids

Also, they'll be debuting a 2-pack of kitbash resculpt micro figures by KiLL! and Virva Peikko. This $15.00 DIY white 2-pack includes both Gladys and Berzerker Flatwoods figures, a mini comic with some other goodies.

SDCC Gladys Berzerker Flatwoods

These items will be available at the Lulubell Toy Bodega Booth #5045, along with the Murskata Luut - a 5', one of a kind sculpture created by The Katerpillar: the collaborative efforts of KiLL! and Virva Peikko. They will also have 3 free limited edition promo cards and free buttons as well.

SDCC Murskata Luut

There will be a very limited amount of these available online at KiLL!'s webshop  during SDCC.

SDCC Pale Dick Dark Poop Weird Denim Parasitoids

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