White Flocked Vinyl Cavey

The White Flocked Vinyl Caveys released on June 5th 2014 at 3PM ET at the Cavey online shop. There will be 10 pieces available. Each vinyl Cavey measures in at … Read More

Teddy Bear Cavey

The Cavey for May 2014 has been announced – Teddy Bear Cavey. Available in both a plush and vinyl versions, they will go on sale on Thursday May 1st 2014 … Read More

C-Wok Caveys

Holly will be releasing several ToyCon UK exclusive Caveys this coming weekend. The C-Wok Cavey will be available as both a plush and in a super limited vinyl version – … Read More

Polar Bear Cavey

The Polar Bear Cavey duo will be released on Monday February 3rd 2014 at 8PM London Time (3PM ET) over at the Cavey Shop. The handmade plush features white soft … Read More

Back to School Cavey

Holly Stanway has announced the September 2013 Cavey. The Back to School Cavey is made from grey polar fleece with a hand cut, hand painted collar and tie. Limited to … Read More

Watermelon Cavey and Strawberry Vinyl Cavey

The new Cavey for August 2013 will be released in both a vinyl and plush version. The Watermelon Cavey is made from red and green fleece with hand-painted seeds. Limited … Read More

SDCC Cavey – Con and Non Con

Holly Stanway will be releasing the Super Duper Caped Cavey in Blue (SDCC 2013 Exclusive) and Pink (Non Con). Both colorways are limited to 15 handpainted pieces. Each includes a … Read More

Pink Polkadot Piggy Cavey

The new Cavey for June has been announced – it’s the Pink Polkadot Piggy Cavey. This month’s Cavey is made from pale pink polar fleece with white polkadots, special pointy … Read More

Cavey’s 3rd Birthday Party Releases

As part of Cavey’s 3rd Birthday Party at the Fleet River Bakery in London, Holly will be releasing the Cherry Chocolate Cupcake-vey and Vinyl Cake-vey. The Cherry Chocolate Cupcake-vey is … Read More

Candy Pink and Midnight Back Vinyl Caveys

The Candy Pink and Midnight Back Vinyl Caveys will debut at Cavey’s 3rd Birthday Party, taking place on May 31st 2013 in London. If you won’t be there, or just … Read More

Spring Lamb Cavey

Holly Stanway has announced that spring has sprung…and the Spring Lamb Cavey will be springing on Wednesday May 1st 2013 at 8PM London Time (3PMET). The Lamb Cavey is made … Read More

The Vinyl Cavey

Holly Stanway has announced that the first release of her Vinyl Cavey figure. Available in 2 colourways, Cavey Purple and Brilliant White, the Vinyl Cavey stands almost 3″ in height … Read More

Cupid Cavey Release

Holly Stanway has announced release details around the Cupid Cavey…well ahead of Valentine’s Day. “Cupid Cavey is made from soft, slightly shimmery, peach velour, with a pair of hand cut … Read More

Jack Frost Cavey

The first Cavey release of the new year goes by the name of the Jack Frost Cavey. Sporting a snowflake patterned coat made of fleece, this version is limited to 40 … Read More