Cavey Cwoks

Holly will be releasing several ToyCon UK exclusive Caveys this coming weekend. The C-Wok Cavey will be available as both a plush and in a super limited vinyl version - a collaboration with UK custom toy artist Uncle Absinthe. There will also be a non-Con colorway released online before the show.

The Green C-Wok Cavey is the non-con release. While the Red C-Wok Cavey is our ToyCon UK exclusive. Both colorways of C-Wok Cavey are limited to 25 numbered pieces. Each one runs £25.00 (around $42).

The C-Wok Vinyl Cavey are each hand sculpted by UK custom toy artist Uncle Absinthe. They’re super limited – 5 orange and 5 green. Each Vinyl C-Wok Cavey purchased at ToyCon UK enters you into a raffle to win the one of a kind Cavey-Bacca Vinyl Cavey. You can pick one up for £20.00 (around $34).

Cavey Vinyl

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