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Rocky IV ReAction Series

Super7 has released their Rocky IV ReAction Series of 3.75-inch tall figures. The series includes five figures from the 1985 film. You can pick up Rocky Balboa, Rocky Balboa (Winter Training), Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, and - my personal favorite - Paulie's Robot. All five Reaction figures are currently available to purchase from Super7 for $15.00 each.

Super7 – ReAction Goes Punk and Metal

Super7 has announced a pair of new ReAction figures from music - little punk and a little metal. The official Super7 x Motörhead War-Pig 3.75-inch tall ReAction Figure is based on a vintage 1982 Motörhead t-shirt design and comes armed with a bloody axe. Also, the official Super7 x Misfits - Jerry Only 3.75-inch ReAction Figure comes armed with his Devastator bass and wearing his terrifying spiked Fiend vest. Both of these figures will be available to purchase for $15.00 each.

Teen Wolf ReAction Figures

Super7 has announced two new ReAction figures that will transport you back to 1985 and Beacontown High School. From the film Teen Wolf comes a pair of 3.75-inch tall ReAction figures showing off Scott Howard (actor Michael J. Fox) as Teen Wolf. The first one show's the main character in his Beacontown High School letterman's jacket. The second figure showsScott suited up for the Beacontown High School basketball game.

You can grab these for $15.00 each.

Super7 adds Red, Stimpy, Toxie, and Voltron…

Super7 has announced four new figures to their 7-inch Deluxe Figure line that will undoubtedly please fans of 1980's and 90's cartoon. First off, the Ren & Stimpy 7-inch Deluxe Figures are now available to pre-order for $40.00 each. Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat are available individually and will come with an assortment of hilarious accessories...including Gritty Kitty litter and interchangeable heads.

Also available for pre-order, there's the  Deluxe 7-inch Figure of the Toxic Crusader. If you don't remember, Troma's Toxie was cartoon-ized for kids back in the Toxic Crsusaders cartoon that premiered in 1990. Toxie will come in deluxe packaging with an appropriate assortment of accessories straight out of his animated world. This figure runs $35.00.

And finally, they've announced the Deluxe 7-inch Voltron Figure. The figure will come in deluxe packaging with his sword and shield. Like Toxie, the Voltron figure is available to pre-order for $35.00.

The pre-order window for all of these figures will be open until Sunday, June 30th 2019.

Masters of the Universe Collectors Choice – Snake Mountain Playset

Super7 is back with the pre-order for their Masters of the Universe Collectors Choice - Snake Mountain Playset. Standing in at 36-inches tall and opening up to be 48-inches wide, the Snake Mountain Playset will be available for pre-order until May 31st 2019. Scaled for Super7's 7-inch tall MOTU figures, this massive playlet will run $750.00 ($600.00 per playset plus $150.00 for shipping to U.S. domestic addresses).

The highly detailed playset features:

  • Demon with moveable jaw
  • Narrow bridge of red hot lava falls
  • Functioning trap door
  • Real chains to shackle Skeletor’s enemies
  • Break-away wall secret entrance Skeletor’s table and bone throne
  • Horrifying dungeon creatures (figures not included)

Masters of the Universe Variable Variants ReAction Figures

Super7 has announced a series of Variable Variants ReAction Figures have been added to their Masters of the Universe ReAction Figure lineup. In total, it appears 7 new figures will be released, running $15.00 each. There's Slime Pit He-Man, Grey Hordak, Movie Accurate Man-At-Arms, Carry Case Color Mer-Man, Mini Comic Ram Man, Shiva Teela, and a not-yet-available Stinkor.

Masters of the Universe Vintage Japanese Box Series

Currently available to pre-order, Super7 has announced the Masters of the Universe Vintage Japanese Box Series. With two figures available - He-Man and Skeletor - these 5.5-inch figures are packaged as if they came out in 1980's Japan. The box is based on original Japanese prototype packaging that was never used. And both figures include accessories.

The pre-sale window for these figures will be open until Tuesday, April 30th 2019 and will ship this Summer 2019. Each figure is available individually for $20.00 plus shipping

Masters of the Universe Vintage Figures – Wave 4

The new Super7 Masters of the Universe Wave 4 Vintage 5.5-inch Figure assortment is currently available to pre-order. This seven character release includes:  Glow-In-The-Dark He-Man (from EVERY Master of the Universe episode's transformation sequence), Shadow Weaver, Evil-Lyn, Stratos, Shadow Orko (from She-Ra Episode 90 "Shades of Orko"), Buzz Off, and Evil Seed.

All seven figures come with accessories and a custom history card. The carded figures also feature new and original art on the back of each card. The pre-sale window for these figures will be open until Tuesday, April 30th 2019. Each figure is available to pre-order individually for $20.00 plus shipping. They're expected to ship in Summer 2019.

Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure

Super7 has announced the pre-order availability of their Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure...straight off the pages of the original comics from the 1970's. Conan includes a spear, sword, dagger, and necklace accessories plus an alternate head. The Conan the Barbarian Deluxe Figure measures 7 inches tall and features a sculpt by the Four Horsemen.

This made-to-order release runs $35.00 (plus shipping). This pre-order is open until March 31st 2019 with shipping in Summer 2019.

Masters Of The Universe William Stout Collection

Super7 has announced that their The Masters of the Universe Collector's Choice Series continues with the William Stout Collection. Based on the legendary 1987 MOTU production art created by William Stout, these figures seem to jump right from the 1987 film. There's He-Man, Skeletor, Hyper Skeleton, and Karg. Each 7-inch tall figure comes complete with accessories. Slated to ship in Summer 2019, these figures are currently available to pre-order through March 31st 2019. They are priced at $140.00 plus shipping for the set or $35.00 each.