Super7 has announced the pre-order details for their latest wave of Transformers ULTIMATES! figures. Wave 3 includes 4 figures - Alligaticon from the original animated series, the G2 version of Megatron, Tarn as seen in the IDW comic series, and G1 Wreck-Gar for the Junkion junkies. The 7-inch scale series includes interchangeable heads, hands, and a ton of accessories. You can pre-order these individually, where they're priced at $55.00 each, or as a set of four for $220.00.

This series looks like a lot of fun, especially given the retro feel to the designs. The lone drawback is that these don't actually transform. So if you're interested in switching between robot and vehicle form, that's not what these are. But they'll look great displayed.

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