Super7 SDCC

Super7 has revealed their entire San Diego Comic Con lineup of vinyl toys that will be available at Booth #5245.

Exclusives include:

Crystal-Mecha "First Strike"
Foster "Glitter Grape"
Doku Duo "Orange Fizz"
Zombie Fighter "Mixed Up Massacre"
Little Prick "Late Night"
Fossilla "Raids Again"
Zagaturd "Super Misty Bros"
Leroy C "Pink Passion"

Honoo "Nightfire"
Mummy Gator "Creamy Filling"
Caveman Dinosaur "Prehistoric Punch"
Monoghost "Underworld"
Mystery Micro 2-Packs - Mummy Boy and Rose Vampire
Pocket Baseball Boy "Padres Tribute" - Classic and Modern
Pocket Rose Vampire "Tangerine Terror"

And they'll also allow you to pre-order a complete set of five ALIEN ReAction Figures during the convention, which will allow you to get the free Early Bird Package.

Super7 Alien Reaction

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