KICKSTARTER: Kaiju Big Battel Kaikeshi Part 2

Kaiju Big Battel has announced that their Kaiju Big Battel Kaikeshi Part 2 mini figure series is now listed on Kickstarter. The plan is to release 11 figures as well as … Read More

Kickstarter: Kaikeshi – Kaiju Big Battel Mini Figures

It’s (hopefully) finally coming to fruition. Initially dreamt up some 15 years ago, Kaiju Big Battel has launched a new Kickstarter Project in an attempt to fund Kaikeshi – the … Read More

Kaiju Big Battel’s Whistle Stop Tour

Kaiju Big Battel has announced their Whistle Stop Tour. Kaiju Express: Non Stop To Danger brings their live monster mayhem to the Warsaw in Brooklyn, NY on Friday, October 14th … Read More

Pheyden takes on Kaiju Big Battel

We announced that the Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas! event would take place at the Plaza Hotel & Casino on June 3rd, 2011. And Onell Design is slated to … Read More

Kaiju Big Battel: Leveling Las Vegas!

Where do giant city-crushing monsters, super-sized freedom fighting plantains, intergalactic insects, and a diabolical mad doctor do Battel for control of the Universe? KAIJU BIG BATTEL, a top-secret monster fighting … Read More

Kaiju Big Battel presents “When Danger Comes To Town”

Kaiju Big Battel presents: “When Danger Comes To Town”. Kaiju Big Battel will invade B.B. Kings on Saturday, April 9th 2011. Doors will open at 5PM, with the show beginning … Read More

Kaiju Big Battel Presents: Save the Kaiju!

Kaiju Big Battel will bring their live monster mayhem to Warsaw on Friday, October 15th, 2010 (starting at 7PM) as part of Royal Flush Magazine’s annual art, film and rock … Read More

SDCC 2009: Kaiju Big Battel

If you like wrestling, monsters or monster wrestling…you’ll want to hit the Kaiju Big Battel SDCC booth. In addition to having a boatload of shirts and DVDs, they have a new vinyl figure – Cycloptopuss. And if that wasn’t enough,…

Kaiju Big Battel Hits San Diego

Will you be in San Diego for Comic Con? Good call! There’s going to be a live Kaiju Big Battel show taking place at the Wonder Haus on Saturday July 25th starting at 9PM. So once you get all of…

Kaiju Big Battel – Kaiju in 3D

Kaiju Big Battel returns to Brooklyn on Friday April 3rd for a show that will include 33 Monsters in 6 matches. KAIJU in 3D will take place at 8PM and feature musical guest Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears. The…

Nor’easter Vegetius

CollectionDX and Kaiju Big Battel have introduced the Nor’easter Vegetius. The figure stands 12″ tall and is made out of translucent blue glitter soft vinyl by Marmit. The piece has 5 points of articulation and is limited to 50 pieces….

Kaiju Big Battel at The Yard

Either I need some 3D glasses or I have the onset of vertigo. No matter, because on August 23rd the Gowanus Canal (Brooklyn, NY) will be overrun by the legendary monsters of Kaiju Big Battel. Spectators will be treated to…

SDCC 2008: Kaiju Big Battel

If you’re into wrestling or monsters or wrestling monsters…you obviously had to check out the Kaiju Big Battel booth. Toy-wise, they had their Vegetius figure available. Not only did they have the original, but there was also a SDCC Exclusive…

Vegetius Vinyl Figure

Kaiju Big Battel, the world’s only live monster wrestling spectacle, announces the release of its second monster toy (Vegetius), produced in collaboration with Marmit. This brand new, beautifully painted Vegetius vinyl, featuring Kaiju’s most popular feral Rogue beast has been…

(Bloc Party) + (Kaiju Big Battel)

If the actors in Bloc Party’s new video for the song Flux look familiar, it’s because they are characters from everyone’s favorite monster wrestling league Kaiju Big Battel. I’m a fan of the band and the video. What would be…