How difficult is it to narrow an entire year of plush toys down to the top 10?  Well, we've been up for hours, maybe even days, contemplating who's in and who's out...and who goes where. 

#10. Shiitakes from ESC-Toy


These little mushrooms won't hearken you back to the days of frat parties and all nighters.  But the clip-on plushies were one of the tastier releases of 2007.

#9. Moonie from Sok-O


Everyone enjoys a sock monkey.  But how about a sock plush who drinks coffee by the gallon?  They love him with a little more caffeine.

#8. Cloud Xmas from Bytedust


While a Christmas themed plush not be a good gift, say in July, it made a great Xmas present.  And Bytedust is always out there combining plush with hazardous chemicals.

#7. Yeti & Sasquatch from Steff Bomb


Why is it that Yetis and Sasquatches are always attached at the hip?  (or in this case the hand)  And why is it that they're always chugging down cheap swill.   Sheesh!

#6. Uglyworm from Uglydolls


Uglyworm was one of the new Uglydolls introduced to us at Toy Fair.  Is this guy the only Uglydoll that doesn't have arms and legs?  I'd have to guess so.  I'm also guessing he's the only one who eats dirt.

#5. Bunny Boyd from Rocket USA



Gus Fink's Boogily Bunnies are poseable and displayable plushies, and Bunny Boyd is our favorite in the line.  The little character is stuck in his rabbit suit.  I have pajamas that look just like that!

#4. Big Toe from Uglydolls


I'm not sure how Big Toe got his name, because I can't see any toes.   He does have a big nose.  And somewhat big ears.  But we like his bright blue color.

#3. Cabello from DGPH


Boy...I'm not sure exactly what the heck Cabello is.  Do you know?  It translates as hair, but it looks like a rabid goat.  The DGPH plush was produced with help from Big Shot Toy Works.

#2. Toofhairy from Spök-spök




Toofhairy is our favorite character in the Spök-spök line.  A giant molar? Yep.  And it's a soft and friendly tooth to boot. Look ma! No cavities.

#1. Mousey Micci from ESC-Toy - Winner!!


Erick Scarecrow's Mousey Micci is a soft, cuddly plush with a giant head.   That makes the alien equally appealing for adults, kids and even pets...who like to go into your office and gnaw on your toys.

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