Arkiv Instant is the first vinyl figure from designer Rushhead.  The Indonesian based artist is teaming up with Tummytoy, who will manufacture the piece.  Look for Arkiv to be available in June 2008.  In the prototype stage, it's looking a little like a KAWS piece.

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Arkiv is initially a half animal and a half
dream. A blend of an overweight panda
and a killer whale that trying hard to be Gene Simmons (look at his tongue). His
only noticeable skill is his impressive ability to sleep longer than any
creation that the world has ever seen. During his childhood, he was repeatedly harassed by bullies because of
his overweight looks, and he began to hate everything around him. Since then, everything
is BROOTTT to him. One day he was
watching TV as usual, and caught a program about 100 best places in the world
on Discovery channel. He was inspired and his dream is bigger now than only be
able to spend a lazy afternoon alone at home. Even though he still sweats his butts when he's nervous, he has finally
made a friend, an Indonesian rhino that happened to be overweight as well and
have a big tummy named Jouwe. Now he starts to develop his strength to
transform his body to other animal character or even human, only his face will
remain the same. His ultimate goal is to be known around the world soon, and
although he hates to become famous but that's the only way he can think, so he
can travel and visit those places he's seen on TV.

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