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Hot Toys – GOTG Vol. 2 – Groot Life-Size Collectible Figure

Being one of the most adorable superheroes among Marvel Studios’ productions, Baby Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 has drawn tremendous attention across continents after the world premiere.Of course, Hot Toys has announced their must-have Groot life-size collectible figure. Standing in at approximately 9 inches in height, the figure features a newly developed body and expert paint applications to reflect Baby Groot’s unique appearance. The packaging allows you  to recreate the scene with Groot dancing along with music in the very beginning of the movie. Look for the figure to be released between Q2 and Q3 of 2018.

Pop! Television: New Girl

Hipster millennials delight! Funko has announced a new series of Pop! figures based on the FOX show New Girl. The Pop! Television: New Girl series will feature Jess and her three single roommates Nick, Winston, and Schmidt. Now that they've gotten into the mediocre sitcom realm...I can't wait to see the Home Improvement Pop! line.

Collect them this summer. Head over to, where you can likely pre-order this quartet.

Hot Toys – GOTG Vol. 2 – Groot Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series

Hot Toys has announced a new series of Cosbaby figures from the blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 film. This series is specifically made for fans of Groot. The Groot Cosbaby(S) Bobble-Head - availale in a velvet hair version, glow in the dark version, transparent brown version, transparent version and a specially designed frosted version - measures about 4 inches tall, while the Groot Cosbaby (L) Bobble-Head stands in around 9 inches in height. Look for them to be released between Q2 and Q3 of 2018.

Minit Plush from Devolver Digital

ESC-Toy has announced that Devolver Digital has released the official Minit Plush. Each 10-inch tall plush will include a Steam key for a download of the game for free (it's located on a scratch off on the hang tag). Minit is a collaboration between Kitty Calis, Jan Willem Nijman, Jukio Kallio, and Dominik Johann and will be released by Devolver Digital on April 3rd 2018. You can pick up the plush right now for $25.00.

Argonaut Resins – Tuttz Sphinx


Argonaut Resins is excited to announce the all new Tuttz Sphinx cat is headed to resin production in the coming weeks. The new Tuttz Sphinx is designed, created and 3D printed by Eric Nocella Diaz and 3D sculpted by Francis Rivera. Colorways and pricing will be forthcoming as the project develops further so stay tuned!


Plastic and Plush on Instagram

Plastic and Plush is now on Instagram...sorta. I am on Instagram and will be posting various toy photos and illustrations I do in my free time. Also, if you’re into seeing videos of soccer, hockey, or my kids playing...feel free to give me a follow. Check me out here:

Official Gravity Rush 2 Dusty Plush

ESC-Toy has released the Official Gravity Rush 2 Dusty Plush. The Dusty plush measures approximately 5.5" inches tall. It's available alone for $15.00, or you can pick one up with the various bundles, which include pin sets.

Avengers: Infinity War Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series

With the world premiere of the Avengers: Infinity War approaching, Hot Toys is excited to present the second wave of their Avengers: Infinity War Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series. This series includes Thanos, Corvus Glaive, Iron Spider, and Hulkbuster & Bruce Banner. Each of these Cosbaby(S) Bobble-Head is designed with a bobble-head function and stands approximately 3.75 inches to 4.5 inches in height.

The mad titan Thanos and Black Order Cosbaby (S) Bobble-Head Collectible Set will include Thanos (stands approximately 11.5cm tall), and the exclusive Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, Black Dwarf and General Outrider. Another box set features the gigantic Hulkbuster and Bruce Banner. And fans can open up the helmet of Hulkbuster to insert Bruce Banner Cosbaby (S) Bobble-head. Plus, the Iron Spider Cosbaby (S) Bobble-head is equipped with LED light-up eyes, and the web shooting version will come with magnetic function.

High Proof Toys – March Marble Madness Release

High Proof Toys has announced their second annual March Marble Madness Release. This year, they have 18 one-of-a-kind pieces available for purchase with a limit of 3 pieces per customer. Along with the Rock Type ($18) and Birb Type ($35), they will also debut the “Sitting Duck” Birb Type ($28). The March Marble Madness Series will be available starting March 28th 2018 at 8AM PT.

Faces of Death 4: Dr. Francois B. Gross Release

Lulubell Toys has announced that the Faces of Death 4: Dr. Francois B. Gross micro run will drop today (March 26th 2018) at 10AM PT. Painted by @dski_one, this version includes a custom made leather apron. Standing in at 14 inches in height, you can remove his headcap to expose the inner brain. Set up an alarm, because you'll need to be on time to grab one. They will retail for $275 plus shipping.