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Thomas Nosuke Krell Edition by Doktor A

Tomenosuke will be releasing the 6th colorway of artist Doktor A's "Thomas Nosuke” sofubi vinyl figure. The Thomas Nosuke Krell Edition is produced by Tomenosuke, sculpted by Yohei Kaneko and Mirock Toy (Japan), and manufactured at Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., ltd (Japan). This version is an edition of 40 pieces, with 30 of them sold online (5 APs and 5 PPs).

They will go on sale on Friday July 19th 2019 at 23:59 JST (10:59AM ET). They will run 17,280JPY ($160.00) and be available via Tomenosuke's Japan shop and their International shop.

Tomenosuke – Microbus Goes to Milky Way Release

The folks at Tomenosuke are releasing the latest Microbus color way - Microbus Goes to Milky Way - on Sunday July 7th 2019 at 23:59 JST (10:59AM ET). Designed by Aya Kakeda and produced by Tomenosuke, the 6.5-inch tall Microbus figure was sculpted and hand coloring by Yohei Kaneko (Mirock Toy - Japan) and manufactured at Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co. This colorway is limited to a run of only 10 pieces, with each one running ¥19,800 (about $185).

You'll be able to order them at the following: For Japan Orders and For International Orders

Meowlting Strawberry Flavor Tomenosuke Exclusive

Tomenosuke is releasing the Meowlting Strawberry Flavor Tomenosuke Exclusive on July 4th 2019. Measuring around 6 inches in height and produced by Mighty Jaxx, the Meowlting figure is based on artwork by I Love Doodle. This version is a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The exclusive figure will be available via Tomenosuke's Japan Shop for ¥11,880 and the International Shop (likely around $115).

“MIMI The Cannibal Girl” Wonder Blue Edition by Utomaru

The newest MIMI The Cannibal Girl (based on the 1980 horror classic Cannibal Holocaust) colorway is the "MIMI The Cannibal Girl" Wonder Blue Edition. This sofubi vinyl figure - produced by Tomenosuke, designed by artist Utomaru, sculpted by Yohei Kaneko / Mirock Toy (Japan), and manufactured at Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co., ltd (Japan) - will be released on Saturday May 11th 2019 at 23:59 JST (10:59AM ET).

This colorway is limited to a run of 30 pieces. It will be available via the Tomenosuke International Store and the Tomenosuke Japan Store for ¥17,500 JPY (about $160).

Tomenosuke x Doktor A – Thomas Nosuke “Id” GID Edition

This coming weekend, the fine folks from Tomenosuke are releasing the 4th colorway of artist Doktor A's Thomas Nosuke figure. The Thomas Nosuke “Id” GID Edition, produced by Tomenosuke and sculpted by Yohei Kaneko (Mirock Toy), will drop on April 27th 2019 at 23:59 JST (11:59AM ET). This will be a 40 piece edition, with only 30 pieces available to purchase online. They will be available for to purchase from Tomenosuke's Japan Site and their International Site for ¥14.040 (about $125).

Our products are a cut above your average GID (Glow In The Dark) products. For one thing, we use a process that is technically termed double injection molding to first pour clear vinyl material into the mold, and then, when the vinyl has hardened to a certain extent, pour in the special GID material. You could say that this process requires twice the effort but the result is a product that stands out twice as much. By having the glow pass through a transparent layer, we give our products a unique shine. In any case, this will be the last edition that will feature the popular bonus miniature space pistol.

“Fatty” Fiberglass Prop Replica (Caveman 1981)

Tomenosuke has teamed up High Bros. Production to release this prop replica model of the dinosaur - named Fatty - from the 1981 film Caveman (starring Ringo Starr - and where he met his wife Barbara Bach). Similar to the Blade Runner blaster, Shinji and Tomenosuke had trouble trying to track down the license holder. So, due to ambiguous ownership rights, they had to produce Fatty without any reference to the film Caveman.

Nonetheless, they have released a limited edition of 12 pieces of the Fatty fiberglass prop replica. Each piece measures 13 inches tall by 20 inches long. They are slated to begin shipping out in July 2019.

You can currently order them at Tomenosuke's Japan Shop for ¥129,600 or Tomenosuke's International Shop for (around) $1,160.00.

Thomas Nosuke Guccisherryline Edition by Doktor A

Tomenosuke has released their newest Thomas Nosuke colorway. The Thomas Nosuke Guccisherryline Edition by Doktor A is available in an edition size of 40 pieces. Measuring nearly 8 inches in height, each figure includes a space pistol accessory.

You can currently order one of these through Tomenosuke's Japan Store for ¥14,040. It's also available via Tomenosuke's International Site.

Thomas Nosuke Hermesorange Edition

The next version of Thomas Nosuke figure - designed by Doktor A and produced by Tomenosuke - will be launched on Saturday March 30th 2019 at 11:59PM Japan Time (I believe that's 10:59AM ET). The Thomas Nosuke Hermesorange Edition will be launched at both the Tomenosuke Japan Store and International Store. I'm assuming it will be priced close to the first release - $120.00 or so.

Thomas Nosuke Tiffanyblue Edition

Tomenosuke has announced that they will be releasing new versions of Doctor A's latest figure - Thomas Nosuke - beginning on Saturday March 23rd 2019 at 11:59pm Japan Time. The Tiffanyblue, Edition will be limited to a run of 40 pieces (5 for AP and 5 for PP - meaning 30 will be sold). All of them will come with a bonus miniature accessory in the style of the space pistol that was used in the 1956 Sci-Fi Classic, "Forbidden Planet." Thomas Nosuke can be made to hold it. 

You'll be able to possibly grab an AP (artist Proof) of the Tiffanyblue edition at Doktor As' booth at Toy Con UK 2019.

STELLA and FLUX – Infrared Edition

One of the most complex and involved sofubi projects to date for T+CP (4 years in the making), the Stella and Flux sofubi figure will be released for pre-order on Thursday February 28th 2019 at Noon PT. From artist Tara McPherson, the figure release will be the Stella and Flux - Infrared Edition. Sculpted by Mirock Toy and featuring 7 points of articulation, this version will be limited to a run of 100 pieces - 50 via Circus Posterus (North America) and 50 via Tomenosuke (International). 

The Stella and Flux figure sells for 19,800 JPY / $175.00 and will begin shipping in mid-March 2019.

Physical anomalies, structural aberrations, the mental being manifested physically. Stella being a goddess of sorts, manifests her thoughts of protecting the world – including oceans and space – with the creation/manifestation of the seahorsicorn through her heart/chest, who has magical abilities as well. Together they are on a mission to save and protect the universe!