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PROTODUCK from Grody Shogun and Lulubell Toys

Lulubell Toys has announced the PROTODUCK character - a first in a series of new original sculpts coming this Fall from Grody Shogun. PROTODUCK was hand sculpted and brought back to life in sofubi by Grody Shogun. The vinyl will stand approximately 6 inches tall and is articulated at the neck and legs.

Lulubell is offering up a pre-order of PROTODUCK in solid WHITE. That pre-order is open through September 31st 2019 at 5PM PT (they're estimated to ship late November/early December 2019). The first 50 pieces ordered will run $30.00 each. Once they hit 50 pieces, the price will be $40.00 (the standard price point).

Skellene Mourning Doll Pre-Order

The Skellene Mourning Doll is the newest creation by Miscreation Toys. The 12-inch tall Skellene figure will be available to pre-order from Lulubell Toys through Sunday June 30th 2019 at 5PM PT. The Skellene Mourning Doll is being offered up in 3 versions for her debut release: GID, Black, and Factory Painted. This sofubi figure, made in Japan, is slated to be delivered in Fall 2019.

The GID and Black versions will run $185.00, while the Factory Painted version will run $225.00.

Volcanic Marbled Cestoda

Lulubell Toys has announced the pre-order details for the Volcanic Marbled Cestoda from Miscreation Toys. Cast in lava marbled vinyl by Shirahama Seikei, this 11-inch tall Cestoda colorway features orange, yellow, and black marbling. Available via made to order pre-order, there are no order maximums. That pre-order is open through June 7th 2019 at 6PM PT via Lulubell's website for $250.00 plus shipping

Order & Chaos Aleister

Available Wednesday May 1st 2019 at 6PM PT from Lulubell Toys, Order & Chaos is a new Aleister micro run by Dski One/thedevilskaiju. This is the debut micro run release of David's first sofubi toy. Cast in blue & orange marbled vinyl with hand painted details and metal charm, the figure is limited to a run of 20 pieces. You'll be able to grab one for $40.00 plus shipping.

King Devil Albino

Lulubell Toys has announced that the newest version of the King Devil collectible, by Cure Toys, is available in very limited quantities stateside via pre-order. The King Devil Albino set includes staff and magic mouse pad and is available for $135.00 plus shipping. Also, they can be purchased separately, with the 6-inch tall figure selling for $115.00 plus shipping and the mouse pad selling for $20.00 plus shipping. Look for them to begin shipping in May/June 2019.

Autopsy Babies – Pink Slime Edition

Miscreation Toys is going to melt your eyeballs with his latest Autopsy Babies in this super vibrant new Pink Slime Edition. These clear neon pink vinyl figures - available as both Gergle and AZSB - can be picked up from Lulubell Toys via pre-order. They're available as limited-quantity, made-to-order pieces. Each one runs $95.00 plus shipping. The pre-order ends April 14th 2019 at Noon Pacific or once run cap of 40 pieces is sold.

Crane Kick Cat

Lulubell Toys is taking pre-orders for the Crane Kick Cat designed by Japanese wood carving artist Shidokou. Crane Kick Cat stands approximately 8 inches tall and is cast in white sofubi for this first painted release. This version is hand-painted in a traditional Maneki Neko paint style by Grody Shogun. The figure will be available to pre-order through March 27th 2019 at 5PM PT. Priced at $110.00, it is expected to ship late May or early June of 2019.

Strawberry Sundae Seatus – Saturday at Lulubell

Scoop up this delicious new Strawberry Sundae Seatus by Gruesome Toys this Saturday exclusively at Lulubell Toys. The Strawberry Sundae Seatus is cast in light pink and black marbled vinyl with purple glitter all over. The vinyl figure stands approximately 8 inches tall and articulates at the neck and shoulders. Limited (although we don't know how many pieces will be available), the Strawberry Sundae Seatus drops online this Saturday, March 23rd 2019 at 9AM PT for $85.00 plus shipping.

No Masters Minions by Skinner

The Minions found themselves to be monsters without masters! The great God Wars that found their masters destroyed has left them to continue on their own path for the first time in their lives. They no longer have to fulfill the malevolent bidding of their ridiculous kings... now they can do anything! They have found themselves to no longer fear the cruel wrath of their former masters, but now find that freedom itself is the new fear! The great uncertainty of the universe is unfolding before them! NOW THEY TRULY LIVE! Join the Minions as you all collectively live your best lives, free from any gods or masters!

The Minions are designed by Skinner and sculpted by Paul Kaiju. The No Masters Minions are cast in super glow vinyl and painted with a neon "Skinner-y" color pallet, and then highlighted with black spray detailing and hand painted eyes and veins. The set of two figures runs $80.00 plus shipping. It will be available to order on Thursday, February 28th 2019 at 10AM PT exclusively via Lulubell Toys

Zombie Miki Mummy

Zombie Miki Mummy has escaped her tomb and is wandering the desert...looking for lost souls. You can grab this fun new collaboration by Grody Shogun x Dski One (the DevilS KajIu) beginning this Saturday, February 23rd 2019 at 10AM PT from Lulubell Toys. The Brown/tan/green assorted marbled base vinyl features purple rooted hair and hand dyed and wrapped bandages. Measuring approximately 10 inches in height, the figure will be a super limited run. You can grab one for $75.00 plus shipping...if you're lucky.