Sweet Tooth Aleister Growley

This Saturday (January 30th 2021) at Noon ET, the Devil’s Kaiju x Lulubell Toys will be releasing the new “Sweet Tooth” Aleister Growley sofubi. This version is “dipped in sour apple … Read More

Winter Grey Skellene

Back from the grave to light up the dark winter comes the Winter Grey Skellene from Miscreation Toys. Available to reserve now, the figure is limited to just 13 pieces that … Read More

Splurrt Halloween

Lulubell Toys has announced that they’ll be releasing five new, marbled sofubi treats from artist Splurrt on Saturday, October 24th 2020 at 9AM PT. The available pieces will include Cadaver Kid ($65 … Read More

Shishi – Royal Guard Edition

This Saturday – October 17th 2020 – at Noon ET, Lulubell Toys will be releasing a micro run of Shishi – Royal Guard Edition vinyl figures. Shishi is just one of … Read More

Splurrt Saturday at Lulubell Toys

Lulubell Toys has another exciting Splurrt Saturday lined up for you on October 3rd 2020 at Noon ET. This month’s roster includes Splurrt’s Hot Pink Hambone, Cotton Candy Mecha Brain … Read More

Lulubell Toys – Gød x Aleister

Lulubell Toys has announced the upcoming release of the Gød x Aleister set – designed and hand sculpted by David Osowski of The Devil’s Kaiju and produced in sofubi in … Read More

Morbus by Deep Grave

Lulubell Toys has announced the pre-order details for their Morbus sofubi by Deep Grave. Morbus is a dinosaur-like creature that ate an infected human, which caused his skin and tail to melt … Read More

The GØD: Maximum Overkill Edition

The GØD: Maximum Overkill Edition will be available over at Lulubell Toys beginning at Noon ET on Saturday July 11th 2020. “The Gød: Maximum Overkill version by The Devil’s Kaiju … Read More

Lulubell commUNITY Lotto

Lulubell Toys is continuing their push to support various charities throughout what has been a crazy 2020. This time, Connell Little, who goes by @phuntsy on Instagram, has donated this one-off … Read More

Kappa No Kami Lotto to support Black Lives Matter

Lulubell Toys is honored to have partnered up with Planet 3 Toys for the #blmtoylotto for a one off, custom Kappa No Kami painted by The Devil’s Kaiju. 100% of … Read More

Mechacreatch Lottery

Lulubell Toys is currently running lottery for four painted Mechacreatch one-off figures – Ultragaramon, WookieRobot, TerminatorCreatch, and TMNTCreatch. Mechacreatch is designed and produced by S.W.A.R.M.M., and the 10-inch tall figures feature … Read More

Lulubell drops new Splurrt releases

Lulubell Toys will be dropping two new releases from Splurrt this Saturday (April 18th 2020) at 9AM PT. The “Torch Light” Hell Cattle (shown above) features a GID vinyl head set … Read More

“Numachi” Kappa no Kami Release

On Sunday March 8th 2020 at 10AM PT, Lulubell Toys will be releasing the “Numachi” Kappa no Kami from Planet 3 Toys. The 7.5-inch tall Kappa No Kami was created … Read More

Clear Emerald Green Borealis Kids and Dokuro Pocket Monster Sets

Lulubell Toys and Splurrt have announced the new Borealis Kid, featuring new head and arm sculpts set on the classic Cadaver Kid body. Standing approximately 5 inches tall, the figure … Read More

The Devil’s Kaiju – The Gnasher

Lulubell Toys has announced The Gnasher. The next Aleister Growley from The Devil’s Kaiju incarnates features platinum sprays with hand-painted blood-red eyeballs, teeth, and ribs on black gloss vinyl. The … Read More